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2014 FVCC Members

Voting Members
 Organization   Order re 2014 Appointments
 Anders, Deena  Domestic Fatality Review Team
 Arthur, Carol  Domestic Abuse Project (DAP)
 Avalon, Stephanie  Battered Women's Justice Project (BWJP)
 Becker-Finn, Jamie  Hennepin County Attorney's Office - Domestic Abuse Service Center
 Boswell, Verona  DASC
 Brey, Katie  Family Court, Administration
 Crabb, Anna Krause  Suburban Prosecutor (City of Minnetonka)
 Cutter, Elizabeth  Judge, Criminal Court
 Gephart, Mike  Hennepin County Probation
 Gibbons, Roberta  Assistant Professor Metropolitan State University
 Gilmore, Anne  Hennepin County Medical Center
 Hawley, Judith  Hennepin County Attorney Office
 Jacobson, Michelle  Minneapolis City Attorney's Office
 Keeler, Terrence  Minneapolis Police Department, Sergeant
 Klein, Joseph  Judge, Juvenile Court
 Kolb Untinen, Cheryl  Cornerstone
 McNaughton, Lisa  Public Defender (Juvenile)
 Milgrom, Aaron  Domestic Abuse Project (DAP)
 Miller, Lynn  Hennepin County Sheriff's Office
 Moses, Patricia  Family Court, Referee
 Pearson, Mona  Brooklyn Center Police Department, Detective
 Ratner, Rachel  Sojourner Project
 Rhodes, Brynn  Family Court, Attorney
 Morales, Lidia  Criminal Court, Administration
 Schwartz, Lori  Hennepin County Attorney Office
 Scott, Anthony  Human Services and Public Health Department (HSPHD)
 Snow-Kaster, Christy  Central Minnesota Legal Services
 Sorensen, Bob  Public Defender (adult)
 Staloch, John  Hennepin County Probation
 Taylor, Anne  Hennepin County Attorney Office
 Thompson, Michelle  Tubman Staff Attorney
 Waggoner-Kloek, Rebecca  OutFront
 Walsh Kern, Amy  WATCH
 Weinstein, Michael  Family Court Services

Contact Nancy Peters, FVCC Executive Director, for any questions regarding the membership list.