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Standing Orders and Policies

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The 4th District Court has issued standing court orders and policies that apply generally to different case types. Listed below are links to current orders and policies. NOTE: This is not a complete archive of all orders and policies. If you are looking for a standing order or policy that is not listed below, please go to Contact Us and call the court Division related to your area of concern.

All 4th District Courts

Order re Appointments of Judges Daly and Robben as Law Library Board Trustees 2-17-15

Order re Appointment of Kate Fogarty as District Court Administrator 8-19-14 

Order re Temporary Reinstatement of Driving Privileges Implied Consent Cases 7-22-14

Order re Public Defense Selection Committee 4-22-14

Order re Applications for Payment of Services MN Statutes § 611.21, 3-3-14

Order re Reimbursement Rate for Attorneys' Fees and Costs 2-6-14 (See also MN Statutes § 611.27)

Order re Mandatory Use of "eFile and eServe" in 4th District Psychological Services Division 12-17-13

Order re Case Consolidation Motions 8-1-13

Order re FVCC Co-chair Appointment Effective 7-1-13

Order re Domestic Fatality Review Team Appointments 1-28-13

Order Granting Access to Hearing Officer Guidelines 1-11-11

Policy D.18 - Buddy Judges and Intra-division Assignments 5-1-13

Court Security-Weapons Policy 9-29-08 

Order re Expedited Processing of Alcohol Related Offenses, Judge Wieland, 10-17-07

Court Record Project (Transcripts and Digital Recordings) 8-10-05

Policy 5.2 - Data Dissemination 1-12-94


Civil Court

CIV - Order re Examiner of Titles Referrals 12-11-14

CIV - General Election 2014 Order 10-13-14

CIV (Examiner of Titles) - Chief Judge Signature on Uncontested Proceedings 9-27-13

CIV - Power of Attorney on Behalf of an Individual in Conciliation Court 8-23-12

CIV - Proposed Orders Conciliation Court 5-26-11 

CIV - Minor Settlement Final Distribution 6-2-03

CIV - Tax Appeals from District Court to Minnesota Tax Court 6-26-92


Criminal Court

Search Warrants - see "Juvenile Search Warrants 6-9-10" in Juvenile Court section below

CRM - Proposed Expungement Orders 12-30-14

CRM - Fee Rate per 611 27 Prosecutor Appeals 10-22-14

CRM - Allow Time Upon Request to Pay or Use STS to Satisfy Fines, Fees or Surcharges 1-13-14

CRM - Imposition of Criminal Surcharge 12-1-13

CRM - DWI Court Evaluation 10-11-13

CRM - Pre-Appearance and Bail Schedule 10-11-13

CRM - GIFT Calendar Closure Order 1-6-13 

CRM - HCMC Release, arrest 12-19-12

CRM - HCMC Release, in custody 12-19-12

CRM - Procedure for City of Crystal 6-5-12

CRM - Order re Electronic Subpoenas 9-1-10 (link to Subpoena form)

CRM - Procedures Governing Warrantless Arrests of Persons EHM Rule Violations Judge Wernick 5-29-09

Potentially Hazardous Exhibits Policy 1-1-04 

Family Court

Family Court Policy G.04 

FAM - Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) 6-12-14

MOU - Memorandum of Understanding re HSPHD and Safety Center 3-2012

MOU - Memorandum of Understanding re DOCCR and FCS Fees and Services 12-12-12

FAM - County Attorney Cases on Contempt Calendar 1-15-10

FAM - Standing Order - Mandatory Parent Education Class Discontinued 9-24-08

FAM - Authorizing Filing of Pleadings without Payment of Filing Fees 2-26-07

FAM - Outmoded Orders, One Fee for Parents with Children in Common 2-26-07

FAM - Order for Family ECM Pilot Project 4-23-04

FAM - Statutory Valuation Order 11-13-03

FAM - Family Law Facilitator Program Screening of Motions 3-18-02

FAM - Summary Dissolutions to be Approved without Hearing 7-31-99


Juvenile Court

Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) 6-12-14 - see Family Court section above

JUV - Order Authorizing Sharing CHIPS and Adoption Performance Measure Data and Reports 5-29-13

JUV - Mental Health Screening at Juvenile Detention Center 2-13-13

JUV - Sharing Gov't Data on Individuals in the Juvenile System 1-12-13

JUV - Hennepin County Crossover Youth Pilot Project 10-10-12

JUV - File Clearance Data Access for Agencies Participating in the Crossover Youth Pilot 7-24-12

JUV - Requests for Police Records by Juveniles or Their Representatives 7-9-12

JUV - Victim Requests for Records to Assert Restitution Rights 7-9-12

JUV - Service of Court Orders in Juvenile Protection Matters 3-27-12

JUV - Delinquency Records Release 1-18-12

JUV - Safe Passage Research 4-25-11

JUV - Irene Gaya-Allen Department of Corrections and County Home School Research 11-24-10

JUV - Juvenile Records Information Exchange 10-4-10

JUV - Release of Adoption Decrees 8-27-10

JUV - Release of Citations and Police Reports to Restorative Justice Agencies 7-13-10

JUV - Juvenile Search Warrants 6-9-10

JUV - Access to Child Protection Records - Parties/Counsel 1-5-10

JUV - Juvenile Fingerprints 1-5-10

JUV - Disclosure of Kinship or Relative Search Information 1-5-10

JUV - Redaction of CHIPS and Permanency Petitions 1-5-10

JUV - Shared Data Among County Agencies Having Juvenile Cases 1-5-10

JUV - Collection, Maintenance and Use of Juveniles' Photographs - amended 11-17-09

JUV - DOCCR Document Disclosure to Service and Treatment Providers (amended) 6-9-10

JUV - Juvenile ITV Proceedings - amended 10-15-09

JUV - Procedures for Governing Arrests of Juveniles for EHM Rule Violations 05-28-09

JUV - Warrants 11-24-08

JUV - Access to Birth Certificates - Delinquent 11-21-08

JUV - Access to Birth Certificates -CHIPS 10-27-08

JUV - Public Business Records Memo for CP Trials - Judge Meyer 9-18-08

JUV - Access to Juvenile Court Records 9-18-08

JUV - Access to Adoption Home Studies 8-12-08

JUV - Form of Pleadings - Orders, Single Space 1-5-04

JUV - Supreme Court Order re: PD's and Scheduling of Cases 12-26-03

JUV - Elimination of Extended Jurisdiction Juvenile (EJJ) Mandatory Transcripts 11-10-03

JUV - Truancy - Ed Neg Referrals HC School Districts 11-3-02


Probate / Mental Health Court

PRMH - Standing Order re MRSA 6-12-13

PRMH - Patient's Records 3-5-13

PRMH - Guardianship of Brian Erickson 10-4-12

PRMH - Change of Venues & Minute Sheets 1-24-12

PRMH - Review of Medical Records by Examiners 1-4-12

PRMH - Methicillin-Resistant Staphyloccous Aureus (MRSA) Standing Order 8-29-07

PRMH - Allowing Removal of District Court Files for Audit Purposes 9-27-06

PRMH - Auditing of Conservatorship File - Judge Albrecht 1-5-05

PRMH - IFP Open Ended Expiration Date - Judge Belois 6-28-04

PRMH - Format for Petitions for Authorization to Impose Treatment - Judge Belois 7-1-98



Language Access Plan (LAP) (formerly Limited English Proficiency Plan)


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