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Email addresses and phone numbers to contact chambers of 4th District judicial officers are located in the Directory of Judges and Directory of Referees webpages.

eFile and eServe (EFS) is available in the 4th Judicial District for legal professionals and justice partners in these case types:
- Civil, Family, and Housing (mandatory EFS)
- Conciliation, Criminal, and Juvenile (voluntary EFS)
- Probate and Mental Health (voluntary EFS)

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3 Steps to Start Using eFile and eServe

Step #1:  Designate an eFile "Administrator"

Choose a firm or agency representative to be an eFile "Administrator." The eFile Administrator will be responsible for creating and managing the eFile and eServe account and firm/agency user information.

Step #2:  Attend a Training Session

The eFile Administrator should attend a training session (any location) listed below BEFORE registering an account for the firm/agency in the eFile system. The training is important because it provides details on how to manage an account and add more administrators. Other eFile and eServe users identified by the eFile Administrator may also attend a training session in any location.


In-person training is being offered at the Hennepin County Government Center. Instructors are court staff who have significant experience using the eFile and eServe tools. In-person training sessions are usually offered at least two times each week.
Arrow to register Sign up for in-person training in a Hennepin County location


Live web-based (webinar) training sessions from the MN State Court Administration are available for attorneys, law firm administrators, and legal staff members who want to register for eFile and eServe. Sessions are offered several days each month.
Arrow to register Sign up for online training from MN State Court Administration

Online training is also offered via WebEx by Tyler Technologies, and includes guidance from an experienced trainer who can answer specific questions about how to use the eFile and eServe system. Sessions are usually offered two times each month.
Arrow to register Sign up for online training from Tyler Technologies

Step 3: Register for an eFile and eServe Account

Click on "Register Now" in the login box on the eFile and eServe portal to complete the registration process and set up an eFile and eServe account for the firm or agency. NOTE: The eFile Administrator only needs to register and create an account one time to enable legal professionals in their firm or agency to eFile and eServe in the Minnesota state courts that use eFile and eServe.

System requirements for eFile and eServe: Internet browser such as Safari 5.1 or higher; Firefox 9.0; or Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher.


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