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Taxation of Costs

Hearing on Taxation of Costs
To schedule a hearing date and time, please call the Judgments Office at (612)348-3169

Objecting to Taxation of Costs
If either party disagrees with the costs awarded, refer to Rule 54.04 of the MN Rules of Civil Procedures.

Taxable Costs

Minnesota Statutes
1. Appeal costs, statutory to prevailing party (MN Statute 357.08) 549.01
2. Certified copy of any instrument from a civil proceeding 357.021
3. Certified copies of documents recorded or filed in any public office AND used at trial/summary judgment hearing/arbitration 357.31
4. Certificate as to existence or non-existence of judgments docketed 357.021
5. Deposition costs of witness who is not a party/agent AND deposition is used at trial/summary judgment hearing/arbitration 357.31
6. Deposition costs of party or an agent of a party if the depositions used at trial/summary judgment hearing/arbitration  
7. Deposition costs of videotape depositions if used at trial/summary judgment hearing/arbitration 357.31
8. A reader of a written deposition used at trial $300.00  
9. Execution/filing fees (writ of attachment, injunction, habeas corpus, mandamus, quo warranto, certiorari,
other writs) $57.00    
10. Exhibits, reasonable costs of obtaining, if used at trial/summary judgment hearing/arbitration 357.315
11. Filing Fee (may include $5 credit card transaction fee if e-filed) $324.00 357.021
12. Jury Fee $102.00 357.021
13. Motion Fee $102.00 357.02
14. Mediation fee, if court ordered  
15. Medical records, costs of obtaining, whether or not used at trial/summary judgment hearing/arbitration 357.315
16. Motion/Demurrer costs 549.11
17. Notary affidavit costs $1.00 357.17
18. Photocopying expenses, if related to exhibits, items used at trial/summary judgment hearing/arbitration 357. 315
19. Requests for trial after arbitration fee $102.00 357.021
20. Satisfaction of judgment, partial satisfaction, assignment of judgment fee $7.50 549.02 
21. Service of Process fee (under MN Statute 357.09 and may include $3.00 e-service fee) 549.04
22. Statutory Costs $200.00 549.02
23. Subpoena Fees $18.00 357.021
24. Transcript of judgment fee, filing and docketing judgment fee $42.00 357.021
25. Witness fees – expert, for appearance at trial; includes airfare, hotel, meal and taxi expenses pursuant
to State travel guidelines (upper limit on expenses)
26. Witness fees – non-expert, for appearance at trial $20.00/day + $.28/mile 357.22
27. Witness fees – non-expert, for taxation of travel such as airfare, hotel, meal or taxi expenses, who testify at trial pursuant to State travel guidelines.  

Non-Taxable Costs

Minnesota Statutes
1. Depositions used solely for discovery: Requires that only the costs of depositions or documents that are
“necessarily used on trial of a cause or on the assessment of damages” shall be allowed in the taxation of costs.
2. Tax & telephone costs; Costs should be considered similar to attorney’s fees and are part of the cost of doing business.  
3. Travel expenses, of attorneys attending depositions: These are at the judge’s discretion.  
4. IME (Independent Medical Examiner):  This is an expense related to preparation outside the courtroom.  
5. No costs allowed as to a “Party” to the action.  


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