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After the Court Issues an Order


I want to file an appeal. How can I do that?

Not every case can be appealed, and appeals involve complicated laws and procedures. You should get legal advice from an attorney about whether you can appeal your case and how to do it. One resource for advice is a brief consult with a volunteer at lawyer the Legal Access Point Clinic at the Self-Help Center. You could also contact the Lawyer Referral & Information Service at the Hennepin County Bar Association at 612-752-6666. We list other lawyer resources on our Find a Lawyer webpage. The Court of Appeals Self-Help Center offers some information on appeal procedures and forms.  NOTE: Court staff cannot give people legal advice or tell them what they should do in their case.

How can I find out when a defendant will arrive at prison?

Contact the MN Department of Corrections at 651-361-7200 to get that information. All male defendants are first sent to St. Cloud Correctional Facility, which is the clearinghouse for paperwork. From St. Cloud, they may be sent to another correctional facility, e.g., Moose Lake, Stillwater, Oak Park Heights, Moose Lake, Faribault, etc. Female defendants are sent to Shakopee Women’s Prison.

I was the victim in a crime. How can I get the No-Contact Order lifted?

One option is to discuss your request with the victim/witness advocate at the prosecutor’s office or with the prosecuting attorney. If the case is finished in court, you could try contacting the Hennepin County Probation Office at 612-348-6180 to see if lifting the order is an option in this case.

I got a bill from Probation. What is it for and do I have to pay it?

It is common that a defendant who is sentenced to supervised probation is also ordered to pay a correctional service fee. If you have questions about the bill, contact the Hennepin County Probation Office at 612-348-2110.

Can I vote if I have a felony on my record?

It depends on the sentence that was imposed and the current status of your case. If you were convicted of a felony (including a “stay of imposition” with probation), you probably lost the right to vote. However, once you are discharged from the probation or sentence, your right to vote can be reinstated. You could contact your probation officer to find out what steps are necessary to get your voting rights restored. Read the law at MN Statutes § 609.165.

Can I own or possess a gun even if I have a felony on my record?

When a person is convicted of a felony, he or she loses some civil rights for a while, including the right to own or possess a gun (firearm). The person automatically gets those rights back when they have completed their sentence. But, if a person was convicted of a felony “crime of violence” as described in MN Statutes § 624.713, subd. 5, he or she loses the right to own or possess a gun for life. The only way to get that right back is to file a petition with the court asking for a special order. Read the law at MN Statutes § 609.165. NOTE: The court does not publish forms or instructions for that petition, so you should get help from a lawyer.


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