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Common Fines

The fine amounts listed below are for the most common types of charges in citations (tickets). The amounts are for citations involving only one charge. If a citation has more than one charge, follow the steps in "How to Calculate the Fine Amount for a Citation with More than One Charge" to figure out the fine amount. If you are looking for a charge that is not listed below, look for it in the Tables of Fines. If you have more questions about fines, you can call the Criminal/Traffic Court at 612-348-2040.

Common Fines for Citations with One Charge Only

Parking Violations
Prohibited parking location (MN Statute 169.34 & similar parking Ordinances) $32 
Expired meter, snow emergency, street cleaning, etc. $42
Speeding Violations 
Speeding $145 
Speeding 20 or more MPH over posted limit $212
Speeding in a work or school zone $378
Other Moving Violations 
Careless Driving (no accident) $178
Fail to obey stop sign or traffic control device $128
Improper or prohibited turn $128
Fail to yield right of way $128
Passing parked emergency vehicle (move-over) $128
Fail to yield to pedestrian $178
Non-emergency stop on freeway $118
Wrong way on one-way road $178
Improper lane use $128
Driving around a barricade $118
Driving without headlights when required by law $118
Driver's License Violations 
No valid driver's license $178
No license in possession when stopped (may bring license to Violations Bureau) $98
Incorrect name or address on license $98
No MN motocycle endorsement $128
Driving after suspension, revocation or cancellation of license $278
License Plate & Equipment Violations 
Expired license plates or tabs $108
Cracked windshield $118
Illegal window tint $128
No seatbelt $103
No child safety restraint (e.g., car seat) $128
Criminal Violations 
Possession of small amount of marijuana $128
Fail to pay fare on public transit (evasion) $178


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