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Registrar's role

The office of the Probate Registrar is responsible for all estates filed as Informal probate (unsupervised) cases. The court’s involvement in the informal probate process is focused on the appointment of a personal representative. The personal representative’s contact with the court following informal appointment is minimal. Informal means little or no court involvement in the administration of the estate.

The Registrars conduct informal hearings with attorneys and their clients and ProSe individuals (persons acting without an attorney). Hennepin County requires an appearance by either the attorney or the applicant. Attorneys who eFile their cases may ask for a telephone conference rather than an in-person appearance.  The informal hearing consists of a review of the application, will and other supporting documents required to commence the informal probate proceeding. The application is either accepted or denied based on compliance with state statutes, court rules and court policies.

The Registrars act as resources for attorneys, legal assistants/paralegals and other Registrars on a wide range of  probate related topics, such as procedural options, form preparation, real estate transfers, estate administration problems, closing estates, etc. To lay people they provide information regarding the informal probate process and its applicability to their particular case.

The Registrars can be reached at:

            Julie Peterson  612-348-8783

            Alonna Warns  612-348-8784