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Fine Amounts

Look Up Fine(s) for a Citation 

 Citation Payment System You can look up the fine amount for a citation (ticket) in our Citation Payment System. The total amount owed will include any late fees that apply. NOTE: It can take 20 days or more after a citation was issued before it is entered into the court’s system. If you get a message of "No Records Found," please check again in a few days. You can also call the Criminal/Traffic Court at 612-348-2040 to ask about fines.

Common FinesSee the list of Common Fines (for citations with only one charge or offense)

How to Calculate Fine Amounts

You can calculate fine amounts by using the Tables of Fines below, but please note the following:

  • A citation usually includes numbers for MN Statutes and/or city Ordinances. A statute is a statewide law, and a city ordinance is a law that applies to actions in a particular city or municipality.
  • Some citations may include number for the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), which applies to certain violations involving commercial vehicles.
  • Police Officers often abbreviate the statute or ordinance number. Example: MN Stat. 169.26(2)(a) means that the citation was issued under the MN Statutes, Chapter 169, Section 26, Subdivision 2, Paragraph a, for failure to stop at a railroad crossing. The officer might only write 169.26s2 on the ticket.
  • Make sure the offense described in the statute or ordinance listed on the ticket matches the offense with which you are charged.
  • If you got a ticket for a speeding charge (MN Statute § 169.14) and the speed listed was 20 or more miles per hour over the posted limit, there is an additional surcharge of $67.00 for a total fine of $212.
  • If there is more than one charge or offense on a citation, it can be confusing to calculate the total amount, so follow the steps in "How to Calculate the Fine Amount for a Citation with More than One Charge."


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