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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the filing fee to open a case?

The filing fee is $324.00 for all Estates, Trusts, Guardianships and Conservatorships. See other 4th District Fees.

How much are certified copies of Letters?

Certified letters are $16.00 per copy.

Is there an estate or guardianship/conservatorship file in existence for a person?

If you need assistance locating records, please use the Public Access Case Records web site or call 612-348-3244.

If there is an estate, what is the last day to file claims?

The claims period is a four month period that begins after the date of the court administrator's notice. All claims questions should be directed to 612-348-3244.  Minnesota Statutes 524.3-801.

How much are certified copies?

Certified copies are $16.00 per document. Exemplified copies are $14.00. See other 4th District Fees.

How much are plain copies?

Plain copies of filed documents are $10.00 per document. Plain copies of un-filed documents or correspondence are $10.00. See other 4th District Fees.

How much are certified copies of sale papers?

Estates: Sale papers consist of the Will, Order Admitting or Informal Statement, and Letters - $48.00.

Guardianship/Conservatorships: Sale papers consist of the Order Directing Sale, Order Confirming Sale, and Letters. Each of these documents consists of one page unless the legal description is unusually long. The fee for sale papers is $48.00.

What is the Probate/Mental Health Division's address?

Probate/Mental Health Division
C-400 Hennepin County Government Center
300 South Sixth Street
Minneapolis, MN 55487-0340

How do I schedule an appointment with the Registrar's Office?

The caller should speak with the Probate Scheduling Clerk at 612-348-3244.

How do I schedule a case in Mental Health?

Contact the Calendar Clerk for Mental/Health at 612-348-3137.

Have any Claims been filed in an estate?

If you need assistance locating Claims, please use the Public Access Case Records web site.

How do I contact the court with scheduling concerns?

Probate Scheduling Clerk at 612-348-3249
Mental Health Scheduling Clerk at 612-348-3137

How do I get my passbook or certificate of deposit released, or any questions related to the SAM? (Safekeeping Accounts for Minors)

If the assets were received from an estate call 612-348-3244; if assets were received through a wrongful death action or accident settlement, have them contact the Judgments Office at 612-348-3169.

How do I find out when a Mental Health hearing is scheduled, who are the attorneys, and where do I go?

Call the Scheduling line at 612-348-3137 or main Mental Health number at 612-348-3137. The daily Court Calendars for each day are posted by the elevators on the 4th and 5th floor and there is a telephone by the front door for other inquiries.


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