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I-CAN!® Forms

IMPORTANT: The I-CAN! service and content are provided for convenience and informational purposes only. The service and content are NOT intended as legal advice and are not a substitute for a lawyer. By linking to I-CAN!, the MN Judicial Branch does not imply any endorsement of I-CAN! and is not responsible or liable for the content, accuracy or privacy practices of the I-CAN! service. Read Disclaimer.

MN Court Forms in I-CAN!

We now offer the following court forms in the I-CAN! document assembly program:

Divorce Forms (both with and without minor children)
Fee Waiver (IFP) Forms (for any type of civil case)

I-CAN! is NOT designed for cases involving a large number of assets, property or debts.

NOTE: I-CAN! may be used for same sex divorce, however, legal advice is recommended.

TIP: Before using I-CAN!, complete a "Fast Facts Worksheet" linked below that will help you collect all of the personal information you must enter into I-CAN! so you can finish faster.

Fast Facts Worksheet (Divorce with Minor Children) 
Fast Facts Worksheet (Divorce without Minor Children)
Hoja de Datos Rapidos (Divorcio)Hoja de Datos Rapidos (Divorcio) (Español)

I-CAN! Document Assembly Start I-CAN!

Benefits of Using I-CAN!

  • It's a free service.
  • You can create a Username and Password that only you will know to protect your privacy.
  • The I-CAN! service is available over the Internet on a secure network.
  • I-CAN! saves your answers and fills in your information on the court forms.
  • I-CAN! prints your completed forms with instructions on how to start your case, calculate child support, and finish your divorce.
  • You can work at your own pace. Start now and finish later.

NOTE:  I-CAN!™ works on most recent versions of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari.

Need Help?

Court Forms Review Service:  If you are representing yourself in a court case and you fill out court forms on a computer (in Word, PDF or I-CAN), the Self-Help Center can review your completed court forms before you file them with the court. Contact Us @ SHC for more details.

     MN Courts Self-Help Center
     Monday - Friday, 8:30a - 3:00p (closed court holdays)

Email:  Contact Us @ SHC

  • Instructions on How to Serve, File & then Finish a Divorce (will also print from I-CAN! program)
  • Find a Lawyer. Divorce cases can be complicated and affect important legal rights, including child custody, property, and financial interests. We encourage you to get legal advice from a licensed attorney who practices family law in Minnesota.
  • Filing for divorce in HENNEPIN or RAMSEY County? If you are filing for divorce in the Ramsey County District Court and you are not represented by a lawyer, you must have your completed divorce forms reviewed by staff at the Ramsey County Family Court Self-Help Service Center (#651-266-5125). If you are filing for divorce without a lawyer in the Hennepin County District Court, we strongly suggest that you have your completed divorce forms reviewed by staff at the Hennepin County Family Court Self-Help Center (#612-596-8519). Self-Help Center staff will look to see that you filled out all of the necessary forms and then explain the next steps in the process. Find self-help services in other counties.


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