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Forms -- Paternity

The MN Judicial Branch does NOT publish paternity forms to use if there is not a signed Recognition of Parentage form on file at the MN Dept. of Health. You may get forms to handle a paternity case from an attorney, a legal publisher, or you could check with your local court administrator to find out if they distribute paternity forms at your county courthouse. Your local law library may also have sample paternity and custody forms.

If paternity was established by you and the other parent signing a MN Recognition of Parentage "ROP" form AND it was filed with the MN Dept. of Health, and now you want to get a court order for custody and parenting time, click Establish Custody and Parenting Time Forms Packet.

If you were served with papers to establish paternity or custody and you want to respond, you could get help from a lawyer or see if your local law library has sample forms. The MN Judicial Branch does NOT publish forms to respond to this type of case.


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