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Forms -- Adoption

What adoption court forms are available?

Adoption law is complicated, and the MN Judicial Branch does not publish all adoption forms. You should talk with a lawyer to get legal advice and help with your situation.

The Minnesota Judicial Branch publishes step-parent adoption forms and forms related to the Father's Adoption Registry. Some other adoption forms are available from the website of the MN Dept. of Human Services, and at law libraries, legal publishers, and private attorneys.

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How to file court forms?

Contact your Court Administrator for more information on how to file your forms. Click Find Your District to locate your Judicial District and click the link to your District Court. Unless you are low income and qualify for a fee waiver, there is a filing fee to start an adoption case in court.

Need more help?

If you need help to fill out the forms and file the papers with the court, go to Self-Help Services in the Courts to see if walk-in help is available at your courthouse. Or, talk with a lawyer.

You may also want to visit the MN Dept. of Human Services - Adoptions webpage to get more in-depth information.


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