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What to Expect as a Self-Represented Party in a Civil Trial (without a jury)



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Civil Actions (in District Court)

This website offers general legal information, NOT legal advice. If you want to start a civil action, or if you are responding to a civil action, you should not rely solely on this website. Talk with a lawyer to get legal advice. You can find more information about civil actions at your local law library.
NOTICE: On July 1, 2013, some rules were changed in the MN Rules of Civil Procedure. If you are representing yourself in court, you are responsible for following the current rules and law.

Starting a Civil Action
Answering a Civil Action NEW!
Pleadings (court documents) in a Civil Action
Taking a Civil Action to Court
Discovery & Duty to Dislose Information in a Civil Action
End a Civil Action without a Trial
Civil Trial without a Jury
Civil Trial with a Jury


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