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Probate, Wills & Estates

Court Forms

right arrow Probate Court Forms (statewide)

The MN Judicial Branch publishes some probate forms, but not every probate form. You could also get forms at law library , from a legal forms publisher, or from an attorney. You should get advice from a lawyer to decide which forms to use in your case.

right arrow Probate Court Forms (2nd District) - approved for Ramsey County District Court

The following forms are available from the Ramsey County District Court, including:

  • Application for Informal or Formal Probate (Appoint Personal Representative)
  • Renunciation of Priority for Appointment and Right to Nominate Personal Representative
  • Acceptance of Appointment as Personal Representative and Oath By Individual
  • Letters Testamentary and of General Administration
  • Unsupervised Personal Representative's Statement to Close Estate
  • Determination of Descent
  • Inventory and Account forms
  • Closing Forms
CautionCAUTION! If your case is not filed in the Ramsey County District Court and you want to use their forms, you MUST edit the forms for use in your county and judicial district. Check with your local Court Administration about their specific procedures.

Non-Court Forms

The Minnesota Legal Services State Support publishes some non-court forms, including:

The MN Attorney General's Office also publishes some non-court forms, including:

Laws & Rules

The following is a list of some of the laws and rules that relate to Probate cases. We encourage you to talk with a lawyer to get advice on how the laws and rules may affect your case. Learn more about Laws, Rules & Legal Research.

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