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How to Collect or Contest Unpaid Medical and Dental Expenses

If your child support order says that each parent must pay a share of unreimbursed/uninsured medical or dental expenses for the child(ren) and one of the parents is not cooperating with payments, there are steps you can take collect or contest the payments. NOTE: Requests for payment generally must be made within 2 years of the date of the unreimbursed or uninsured medical/dental expenses. You can read the law online at MN Stat. §§ 518A.41 and 518A.69

Steps to Collect Payment:

Steps to Contest Payment:

  • Reach an Agreement for Payment:
    One option may be to reach an agreement with the other parent on the payment of unreimbursed/uninsured health care expenses.
  • File a Motion to Contest Payment:
    Another option may be to file a Motion to Contest Unreimbursed/Uninsure Health Care Expenses if you have received a "Request for Payment and Notice of Intent to Collect Unreimbursed Health Care Expenses" or a "Notice of Motion and Affidavit to Collect Unreimbursed Health Care Expenses" from the other parent; OR you received a notice from the County Child Support Agency regarding collection of unreimbursed or uninsured health care expenses AND you believe that the amount is incorrect or you want a monthly payment schedule, and you have not been able to reach an agreement with the other party or the county. Talk with a lawyer if you want advice on the options in your case.


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