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Where to File a Conciliation Court Case

The question about where to file a case involves a legal concept called jurisdiction, or which court has the power under the law to make a decision about the parties involved and the facts. The law on jurisdiction for cases in Minnesota Conciliation Court is at MN Statutes § 491A.01. Court staff cannot apply the law to your case, so if you are not sure where you should file your case, we encourage you to get advice from a lawyer.

With some execptions, the plaintiff must usually file the Conciliation Court claim in the county where the defendant lives or where the defendant's business office is located, with two common exceptions:

  1. If the case involves "bad checks," the claim should be filed in the District Court of the county where the checks were written.
  2. If the case involves a landlord-tenant dispute, the case should be filed in the District Court of the county where the rental property is located.

Other exceptions, such as for foreign (out of state) defendants, are described in the law at MN Statutes § 491A.01. Contact the MN Secretary of State Office to see if a business has a registered agent for legal process.

Conciliation Court Forms  Conciliation Court Forms

If you need help understanding how to fill out or file the forms, contact Court Administration or go to Legal Advice Clinics & Self-Help Centers to see if legal advice or self-help is available at your courthouse.


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