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Daily Call-in System

Carlton County Jury Duty
Telephone Call-in System

HOW YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED TO REPORT: You will need to call the JURY LINE AT 384-9104 DAILY UNLESS OTHERWISE INSTRUCTED. This is a recorded message with instructions given as to who will be reporting for jury duty and when you should call next. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU CALL WHEN INSTRUCTED. IF YOU DO NOT CALL AND YOU WERE CHOSEN FOR A JUROR, YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED THE MORNING OF THE TRIAL AND YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO REPORT. More information regarding the call in system will be given at the orientation session.

SECOND AND SUBSEQUENT DAYS: Enter the Courthouse through any door. If you are in need of a handicapped accessible entrance, please enter from the northern parking lot near the jail building and enter that doorway. Proceed to the third floor and sign in at the table. You may then go the Jury Assembly Room for further instructions.