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Tips For Jurors

St Louis County Duluth
Tips For Citizens

When summoned for jury duty, read the summons carefully and follow the instructions for reporting to court. Jury duty is an important civic responsibility and is one of the highest duties a citizen can perform in a democracy. Your voice as a juror is needed to ensure fairness and justice in our community.

  • As a juror, you should be prepared to spend time waiting. Knowing that jurors are in the courthouse and ready to render a verdict often encourages parties to enter a plea or resolve a case without going to trial.

  • Bring things to do while you are waiting. Books, magazines, newspapers, needlework, cards and other quiet activities are appropriate.

  • Don't take it personally if you are not selected as a juror for a trial. Voir dire (the process of selecting a jury) is designed to examine a large number of potential jurors and then to select a smaller number to serve on a trial. Lawyers have many reasons for not choosing a person for a jury. It does not imply that you lack ability or honesty, if you are not chosen to sit on a trial. You may be selected for a different trial.

All jurors names are selected at random by computer from a combined list of registered voters and licensed drivers. To register to vote, call your county auditor or city clerk and ask to have an application mailed to you. For information about getting a Minnesota Driver's License, call your local Department of Public Safety office.

It's important that your address is accurate and up-to-date.