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Fax Filing Procedures

Fax Filing Procedures

Except where filing is required by electronic means by rule of court, any document may be filed with the court by facsilmile transmission pursuant to Minnesota Rules of Civil Procedure 5.05,  

The document is considered filed as of the fax date. 

Within five days of transmittal, the faxing party shall:

  • Pay the $25.00 fax fee for each 50 pages or part thereof
  • Pay any applicable filing fees

Any attachments and exhibits to documents (such as affidavits, memorandums, motions, depositions, etc.) should not be faxed.  These may be sent with the fax filing fee.  The senders original documents (that were faxed) must not be filed but must be maintained in the files of the party transmitting it for filing and made available to the court or any party to the action upon request.

Failure to comply with this rule can result in judicial action.