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Dakota County Juror Information

Dakota County Judicial Center
1560 West Hwy 55
Hastings MN 55033
Phone:  (651) 438-8342
Phone Recording  (24 hours):  (651) 438-8181     
There is currently a remodel project being done at the courthouse.  Please allow extra time for parking.                                                  
Days:  Monday - Friday
Hours:  8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
PLEASE BE AWARE: There is currently a nation-wide identity theft scam where callers try to get personal information under the guise of missed jury duty. Minnesota court staff will never ask prospective jurors for financial information such as credit card or bank account information. We will also never ask for social security numbers over the phone. Do not provide this kind of information to anyone claiming to represent the court system. If you receive this kind of request, hang up and contact your local jury office directly.
The Jury Division provides jurors for the Dakota County Courts.  Trial by jury is a basic American right and the very essence of freedom under our Constitution.  The participation of the citizens of Dakota County will help preserve this basic fundamental right.  Residents are selected at random from voter registration, state I.D.'s and driver license lists are available to serve as jurors.  Approximately 6,000 Dakota County residents are summoned to serve as jurors every year.
The Jury Administration Plan is established in accordance with General Rules of Practice for District Courts, Rule 804, and shall be used for the administration of the jury system in the First Judicial District, State of Minnesota. 
Jury Information
To be qualified to serve as a Juror in the State of Minnesota, a prospective juror must be:
    1.  A citizen of the United States
    2.  At least 18 years old
    3.  A resident of the county
    4.  Able to communicate in the English language
    5.  Be physically and mentally capable of rendering satisfactory jury service
    6.  A person who has had their civil rights restored if they have been convicted of a felony
    7.  A person who has not served as a state or federal grand or petit juror in the past four years within the State of Minnesota 
The definition of service is
     a)  Being available to report as required
     b)  Reporting as directed
     c)  Serving on a trial
To respond to your summons for jury service, request a postponement, or make changes to your contact information online visit Jury Qualification Questionnaire

Jurors may be permanently excused for the following reasons ONLY:
    1.  A person age 70 or over who requests to be excused
    2.  A person who medically cannot serve with a doctor's statement verifying a permanent illness
To better accommodate prospective jurors' work and personal schedules, jurors may request a postponement of their jury duty 1 time for a period of no more than 9 months. A request for postponement may be done online at http://www.mncourts.gov/?page=3603 or you may submit your request in writing to Dakota County District Court (address above).
NOTE: This applies only to jurors who have not been granted a postponement previously.
What time do I report each day?
Report times depend upon when a trial is expected to actually begin.  The earliest time you should ever need to report is 8:00 am.  If you are selected as a trial juror, you generally report at 8:45 a.m. to begin trial at 9:00 am. The recorded message will always keep you apprised of what time you need to report and/or when to call again.
How long will I be there?
The hours of Court are generally 9 - 4:30.  If you are not selected on a trial, you may be released early.  If you are selected, you will usually be here until 4:30.  If you are deliberating on a case, you may be here later in the evening.
Where can I park?
The County provides a free parking lot in front of the Judicial Center.
Do I have to come in every day?
It is possible that you may not even have to physically report.  You are not here the entire two weeks, just on call.  We only bring jurors in if a case is actually going to proceed to jury trial.  We only call in as many jurors as needed per case.  Normally, if called in, jurors only physically report one day of their two week term.  Generally, the only way you are here more than one day is if you are selected as a juror on a trial.  If you are called in for questioning on a case, that would be the time to explain any hardships to the judge.  Judges are the only one who can excuse jurors from serving.
What if I have moved out of the County?
You are not eligible to serve as a juror in Dakota County if you have moved out of the county but we need this information in writing.  We ask that you complete the jury questionnaire and include your new address.  Once we receive this information, we will confirm by letter that you are disqualified.
I am over 70 years old and want to be excused, do I still have to fill in the entire form?
Even though we encourage you to, this information is for statistics and is not required.
Do I have to provide a doctor's statement to be excused?
You are required to submit a doctor's statement to be excused.  If your condition is of a temporary nature, you will be granted an automatic postponement upon request.
Do I have to dress up for jury service?
Jurors are expected to be neat in appearance.  Slacks are acceptable for women.  Men are not required to wear coats or ties.  Jeans are allowed as long as they are neat and clean. Shorts are not acceptable.
What can I bring with me while I am serving as a Juror?
-Cell phones are allowed in the jury assembly room.  However, if you are called to a courtroom, you must be sure to turn off your cell phone.
-Magazines and other reading material
-Laptop computers or tablets; There is wireless internet in the jury assembly room and electrical outlets for your use.
-Please keep in mind that there are security measures similar to airport screening.  Do not bring sharp objects such as scissors, corkscrews or knitting needles as they may be confiscated.
Will I immediately be assigned to a courtroom upon reporting?
That is our intention, however, not always the case.  Initially, you will be sitting in a jury assembly room while waiting for courtroom assignments.  You are encouraged to bring something to do for any unforeseen wait times.
Is there an emergency telephone number to leave with my family?
Yes, the number for the Jury Administration Office is 651-438-8115.  A message will be relayed to you as soon as possible by our staff.
Can I go out to lunch when I am on jury service?
You may bring your own lunch - we have a refrigerator available for your use or you may go out of the building to eat - we have information available on nearby eating establishments.  There are also vending machines available.  We do NOT have a cafeteria.
Can I still serve if I am hard of hearing?
Yes, we have a sound system in the jury assembly room and in all of the courtrooms.  Some of the courtrooms have audio headphones.  If you are hearing impaired, please contact us upon receipt of the summons, and we will schedule a signer if you wish to serve.
Additional Jury Service Overview can be found at http://www.mncourts.gov/JuryService
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