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Search Court Records (MNCIS)

MNCIS (Minnesota Court Information System) is the electronic record of all District Court events across the State of Minnesota.   MNCIS Public Access (MPA) is the online version of this data.  Court records are available to the public except in circumstances where publication of these records adversely affects individuals' right to privacy and/or due process.
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You'll be asked to read and agree to certain conditions.  The "I accept" button is at the bottom of the page.   Clicking it takes you to the MPA home page, where you can begin your search.

 Terms & Conditions page: click "I accept"

Once you're there, you'll be allowed to chose the type of case you're looking for and the county in which the case was filed.  This is a state-wide database, so you can look up cases filed anywhere in Minnesota. 

Warning: If a case has been moved to Appellate Court, those activities will not show up in this system.  Appellate Court has its own case management system and you must check there. 

Additionally, Criminal cases that are pre-dispositon ("Disposed" = found guilty, pled guilty, dismissed, found not guilty) do not show up in MPA in order to safeguard the defendants' right to a presumtion of innocence.  Information about these cases is available only at the public computers at our courthouses.

MPA home screen: Select a location, then select a case type

If you need further assistance, tutorials, FAQ's and Help are available at the above site.