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Civil Assignment (Scheduling)

                             15 W Kellogg Blvd, Room 600
St. Paul MN 55119
651-266-8253, option #5


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Civil Assignment handles the scheduling of cases in the Civil Division.  If your case is assigned to one of the Civil Team Judges and you wish to schedule a hearing or motion, call the appropriate number below:

Judge Phone Number
Hon. William H. Leary III
Presiding Judge
Hon. Robert A. Awsumb 651-266-8308
Hon. Paulette K. Flynn 651-266-8145 
Hon. John H. Guthmann 651-266-8306
Hon. David C. Higgs 651-266-8145
Hon. Lezlie O. Marek 651-266-8308
Hon. Margaret M. Marrinan 651-266-8309
Hon. John B. Van De North 651-266-8306
Implied Consent cases 651-266-8309


Motions, Hearings, and Trials

How can I get an emergency order to delay an action (temporary restraining order)?

File a Motion and Proposed Order with the Court and pay the appropriate fees.  The amount of the fees will depend on whether a case exists (Motions or Responses) or you are filing a new case (Initial Filing). 

For complete instructions, visit the Filing a Summons & Complaint and the Filing a Motion in District Court pages of this site.

What is the status of my case?

Find case information online by visiting the Search Court Records page of this site or by calling the case manager for your case at the appropriate number above.

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How do I schedule a hearing?
How do I continue a hearing to another date?

Determine what judge is handling your case and contact the Civil Assignment Case Manager at the appropriate number listed above.

How am I notified of a hearing date?

You will be notified by mail if a court hearing is rescheduled, using your address listed in the court record.  If you have an attorney on record, the notice will be sent to your attorney. 

If the other party has requested the hearing, the notice of the hearing date will be personally served on you.

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What can I do if I missed a court date?

Call the case manager immediately at the appropriate number listed above to review your options.

Implied Consent

I filed for reinstatement of my driver's license; why is the conviction on my driving record?

The conviction will remain on your record until the case is resolved.

If you have questions about your driving privileges, contact the office of Driver and Vehicle Services.

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How do I get my commercial license reinstated?

The court cannot offer advice on this question.  Consider consulting an attorney.

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Other Questions

What are the fees to file a motion or request a hearing?

Use the Initial Filing Fee or the Motion Fee on the Civil Fee Schedule, depending on whether there is already a case on file with the court.

How do I eFile?

Sign up for eFile & eServe training and register with the Court.

For complete instructions, visit the eFiling page of this site.

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How do I arrange for a Civil marriage ceremony?

In Ramsey County, marriage licenses are issued by the Department of Vital Records.

If you would like to arrange to be married by a Judge from the Second District, visit the Marriage page of this web site.

Can I attend a hearing on a case that is in the news?

Yes, provided it is a public hearing.  Many newsworthy case announcements can be found on the Cases in the News page of this site.  Otherwise, contact the appropriate office for case information.

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