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Traffic Court

Traffic cases in the 2nd District are handled by the Criminal Division, officially the Criminal and Traffic Division. For offenses that require court, like DWI, visit our Criminal Division page. For offenses that are payable and/or don't require a court appearance, visit our Violations Bureau page.

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Subjects Covered: 

  • Paying Fines: how, where, how much time you have, what happens if you don't pay
  • Contesting a Ticket: offering an explanation, requesting a trial
  • Appearing in Court: what to expect, public defenders, rescheduling, missing your court date
  • Your Driver's License: suspension, reinstatement, your driving record
  • Court Records: viewing, sealing, and expungement
  • Warrants: turning yourself in, posting bail, getting a bond
  • Towing: why, where, the scofflaw list
  • Unusual Situations: broken meters, title transfers, getting time to pay
  • Parking Violations: handicap zones, fire lanes, snow emergencies, city ordinances
  • Insurance: showing proof, what to do if you're not insured
  • Other Questions: locations, hours, juveniles, plates, jurisdiction