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Initial Case Management Conference (ICMC)

Initial Case Management Conference (ICMC)

This is a new role for judges.  The intial meeting with a judge is called an Intial Case Management Conference (ICMC). The intervention of the judge early in the process is a key component to engaging the parties in communication that will help them reach a resolution.

The purposes of the ICMC is to:

Establish the Court's control of the progress of the case;

Provide early intervention by the Court;

Offer Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) processes;

Establish discovery limitations and deadlines;

Discuss settlement progress and opportunities for settlement; and

Assign a date for the future conferences, if needed.

Within 30 days of initial filing the court schedules the parties for what is called an Initial Case Management Conference (ICMC).  Parties will be sent a Confidential Data From.  This form needs to be filled out and returned to the court prior to the scheduled date. This hearing is mandatory.  If you are represented by an attorney, your attorney needs to be present.  You do not need to have representation for the ICMC.  At the ICMC, all involved parties will meet with the judge.  Here, the judge will talk with you about the issues and concerns that are impeding or stopping you as parents from coming to an agreement. The judge will discuss with you various options.  At the ICMC you will be expected to choose an ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution)  option to allow your case to continue through the court process with little or no delay.

In conjunction with the ICMC, with the Judge, and with the assistance from the attorneys, both parties should be adequately informed and prepared for the ENE.