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Search and Apply for a Job

The Minnesota Judicial Branch now uses an online application system.  All new employment opportunities in the Fourth Judicial District are posted on this statewide system.  Please follow the links below to search and apply for jobs in the Fourth District.

Search, sort and view job postings that meet your criteria

To search for a job within the Minnesota Judicial Branch:

  • Follow the “Search for a Job” link below
  • From the Department drop-down menu, select Judicial Branch
  • Click on the Search button at the bottom of the page

You can narrow a job search by entering additional criteria.  Most opportunities in the Fourth Judicial District will be located in Minneapolis.  Our suburban court locations, Division 2 – Brookdale, Division 3 – Ridgedale, and Division 4 – Southdale, will be found in Twin Cities Suburbs-North or Twin Cities Suburbs-West.

All postings for the Minnesota Judicial Branch are also available by going to the Minnesota Judicial Branch Website and following the “Employment” link on the lower left side.

We also recommend that you set up a job search agent to ensure that you see all Fourth Judicial District openings in a timely matter.  By setting up a job search agent, you will be alerted by email every time a court position is posted (if you set up your job search agent to search for judicial job groupings). 

The Department of Employee Relations website provides a step by step guide on how to apply and how to set up a Job Search Agent. Job Search Agent information begins on page 12 of the guide.

Create and submit your resume and apply for open positions

The online application system is provided in effort to make applying for jobs with the Minnesota Judicial Branch even easier. 

To submit one comprehensive resume that can be used to apply for any Minnesota Judicial Branch positions that interest you, go to the “Apply for a Job” link below and follow the steps below:

  • Create a My State Job Search Account
  • Create your resume online through Resume Builder or copy and paste your existing resume into Resume Builder
  • Submit your resume
  • Apply directly to the job posting of the position(s) that interests you