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"News From Your Court" monthly Chief Judge column

Nearly 40% of Minnesotans say they know "little or nothing" about the court system.  In addition, nearly half of Minnesotans say they think courts are out of touch with what is going on in their communities.

In an effort to make the courts a bit less mysterious to the people we serve, the chief judge writes monthly columns addressing issues of interest such as the impact of budget cuts to the courts, what to do to keep drunken-drivers off the road and keeping kids out of trouble.

Two Americas (November 2008)
Budget Cuts Impact (September 2008)
First Year Results from DWI Court Show Great Success (August 2008)
Hennepin County has a New Chief Judge (July 2008) - Judge Wieland
Are We Ready for Cameras in the Courtroom? (November 2007) - Judge Wieland
Mental Health Court and PRISM Center (October 2007) - Judge Wieland
Foreclosures & The Hidden Costs (September 2007) - Judge Wieland
Ignition Interlock Pilot for DWI Offenders with Revoked Licenses Launched (August 2007) - Judge Wieland
So You Got a Traffic Ticket!! Now What? (July 2007) - Judge Wieland
The Right to Pretrial Release - How does a Judge Decide? (June 2007) - Judge Wieland
The Duke Lacrosse Case: How did it Happen? (May 2007) - Judge Wieland
Problem-solving Courts: A Search for Better Outcomes (April 2007) - Judge Wieland
Domestic Violence: Facing the Challenge (March 2007) - Judge Wieland
Reducing the Pain of Divorce (February 2007) - Judge Wieland
The Path to Juvenile Crime (January 2007) - Judge Wieland
What Are We Going to Do about Drunken Drivers? (December 2006) - Judge Wieland
News from Your Court: Rising Crime (November 2006) - Judge Wieland
The DWI Fast Track Program: Six Years Later (September 2006) - Judge Wieland


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