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Formal Estate Letters

Effective February 8, 2010, all Formal Estate Letters (supervised and unsupervised) will issue from the Registrar's Office.

To expedite issuance of the letters following the hearing, bring the following to the hearing:

  • Preapproval of any demand for bond
  • Acceptance and Oath
  • Proposed Letters

To check on the issuance of Formal Estate Letters for a case on the public access website go to: www.mncourts.gov/publicaccess

If the Order Appointing the Personal Representative is not entered, contact the court reporter or law clerk for the judicial officer for your case:

Kathy DeGrood (Referee Bruce Kruger)                (612) 348-7559    
Divya Raman (Judge Jay Quam)                          (612) 348-3219
Suzanne Schultz (Referee Richard Wolfson)          (612) 348-6693

If the Order Appointing is entered on the case but the Letters have not issued, check to make sure that all qualification documents such as the Acceptance and Oath, Bond, etc. have been filed with the Court.

If both the Order Appointing and all qualification documents have been filed but the Letters have not issued, contact one of the Registrars to check on the status of the Letters:

Julie Peterson                                                    (612) 348-8783
Alonna Warns                                                    (612) 348-8784

Letters for Special Administrations will continue to be issued from the Estate Desk. Call (612) 348-3244 for questions regarding Letters for Special Administrations.