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Our Mission:
To provide justice through a system that assures equal access for the fair and timely resolution of cases and controversies.
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District Administration

The Minnesota Judicial Branch has 10 judicial districts, with certain counties belonging to each District. The 4th Judicial District Court serves only Hennepin County, which includes 46 cities (municipalities) (population: 1.1 million.) It is the largest judicial district in Minnesota, with 62 judges, 13 referees, and 586 staff who process approximately 40% of all cases filed in the state.

Judicial Leadership

Chief Judge
Cahill, Peter A.

Assistant Chief Judge
Bernhardson, Ivy S.


Presiding Judge by Division:
Civil Court: Abrams, Ron
Criminal Court: Mabley, Daniel H.
Criminal Mental Health &
DWI Courts: Meyer, Kerry
Family Court: McKeig, Anne
Juvenile Court: Daly, Margaret
Probate/Mental Health Ct: Anderson, Jamie 

courthouse icon Directory of Judges
Administration Leadership

Judicial District

Kate Fogarty

Deputy District
Michael Kelley

Deputy District
Sarah Lindahl-Pfieffer


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