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Snow Emergency

Tickets issued for snow emergency violations in Hennepin County are handled by the Violations Bureau at the Hennepin County District Court, just like any other parking citation. You may choose to pay the fine or meet with a Hearing Officer.

The District Court does NOT have authority to grant a refund of towing fees if you are towed during a snow emergency. If you want to contest a towing fee, contact the City or Town where your car was towed. In Minneapolis, you may file a claim with the City of Minneapolis, or call (612)673-2969.

What does "snow emergency" mean?

If your City or Town has declared a "snow emergency," that means that no one can park a vehicle on certain streets for a period of time. Each city has different snow emergency rules and ordinances.

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For questions about why the ticket was issued or how to locate a vehicle that was towed, contact the City or Town where the event happened.

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