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Who is the prosecutor on my case?

Contact your attorney if you have one. He or she could contact the prosecutor if necessary. Or, you could call the Criminal Court at 612-348-2040 to find out who is assigned to the case.

Who is my public defender?

You should contact the Hennepin County Public Defender’s Office at 612-348-7530 to get the most current information.

Who is the Probation Officer on my case?

Contact the Hennepin County Adult Probation Office at 612-348-2110 to get the most current information.

How can I see details about my case, such as my sentencing Judge?

Criminal cases that have ended with a conviction and a sentence can be viewed in the MNCIS - MPA Remote System. NOTE: Online records do not include street addresses for parties, or information on pre-conviction criminal, traffic, and petty misdemeanor cases. But, pre-conviction criminal record information is only available at the courthouse or by calling the Criminal Court at 612-348-2040.

I have an "implied consent" on my driving record and it should not be there. What can I do?

Contact the MN Department of Public Safety at 651-296-2940, which is the agency that handles driving records. Usually, implied consent information appears on a driving record as a result of a DWI/DUI arrest in a criminal case, but the implied consent part of a court case gets handled in Civil Court because it relates to the privilege of having a license to drive under civil law.

Where can I get information about expungements?

You can learn more about criminal expungements on our website, or visit the Self-Help Center on the public service level (PSL) of the Hennepin County Government Center. To schedule an expungement hearing, please call the Expungement Line at 612-348-8305.

My BCA record does not match my criminal court record. What can I do?

You could get a copy of your BCA criminal record and bring it to the one of the Criminal Division locations to ask Court Administration to review the information.

I think there is a mistake on my criminal court record. What can I do?

You can call the Criminal Court at 612-348-2040 or visit one of the Criminal Court locations to ask Court Administration to review the information.

How can I find out if someone has a criminal case history?

You could visit a courthouse in person and search court records on a public MNCIS computer. Records may also be searched via the internet using MNCIS-MPA Remote, but there are limits to the data that is available online. The most complete information is available at the courthouse.

You can also request a copy of a Hennepin County criminal court record (e.g, case history) through the mail for a fee (see criminal and miscellaneous fees). To submit a case history search request, please fill out a Criminal Case History Search form and send it to the court along with the fee to the address listed on the form. Please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope so we can mail the records to you.

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