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Security & Weapons Screening

To protect the public and court employees, courthouses have metal detectors like those at airports and other government buildings. Under Minnesota law, it is a crime for a person in a "courthouse complex" to possess a dangerous weapon, ammunition or explosives. The law applies to court employees as well as members of the public. Licensed peace officers on duty and on official business are exempt. See MN Statute s. 609.66 subd. 1(g)

Please do NOT bring any item that could be used as a weapon to any courthouse. Those items will not be allowed in areas beyond weapon screening checkpoints, and illegal weapons will be confiscated.

There may be a line a the security checkpoint, so please allow yourself enough time to get to a court hearing or other appointment in the courthouse.

Prohibited Items

If you bring an item to the courthouse that could be used as a weapon and you enter the weapons screening checkpoint, Security Officers will give you the option to remove the item from the courthouse or Security will put it in a "disposal" box.

Dangerous items confiscated by Security will NOT be returned to you.

Examples of prohibited items include, but are not limited to:

 No Weapons Sign
  • Firearms;
  • Cutting tools or bladed instruments of any size;
  • Electronic incapacitation devices, such as stun guns, Tasers, etc.;
  • Personal protection sprays such as chemical mace, pepper spray and any other protective chemical aerosol; and
  • Any other items that appear to be designed or used as weapons, and that are capable of inflicting serious bodily harm.

Cameras & Electronic Recording Devices

According to Rule 4 of the MN Rules of General Practice for the District Courts, no pictures or voice recordings, except the making of the official court record, shall be made in any courtroom or any area of the courthouse where courtrooms are located.

Cell PhoneThe use of cameras, cell phones, and other electronic recording devices are NOT allowed in 4th Judicial District courtroom areas unless pre-approved by the District Court. For more information, read the Memorandum of Understanding Governing the Usage of Cameras and Recording Devices in Fourth District Court Facilities.



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