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How to pay a judgment


You must pay the money directly to the judgment "creditor" (the party who won the case.) When you pay the creditor:

  • ask the creditor to sign a "Satisfaction of Judgment" (click Forms to download that form or pick one up the court);
  • if payment is made in cash, file the Satisfaction with the Court within 10 days;
  • if payment is made any other way, file the Satisfaction within 30 days.
  • a Satisfactions of Judgment must be notarized and there is a filing fee to file it with the court.

The court record will not show the judgment has been satisfied until this document is filed with the court.


  • Judgment records are public information and credit bureaus routinely search them.
  • Failure to pay a judgment before the date it becomes final may negatively affect a debtor's credit score.