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Drug Courts

Adult Drug Court

There are four adult drug courts serving 10 of the 15 counties in the Fifth Judicial District.  Blue Earth County is the oldest court in the District.  Blue Earth County completed the drug court planning initiative in 2003-04 and began operations in late 2004.  Generally, they have about 45 drug court participants enrolled at any one time. 

The Brown, Nicollet and Watonwan (BNW) counties Adult Drug Court is another multi-county drug court, which has a partial traveling criminal justice group.  In this model, the judge and coordinator travel to the three counties to conduct staffings and court, and each county has their own drug court team.  There is one policy manual that guides the operations in the three counties.  This court has about 35 participants.

The Faribault, Martin and Jackson (FMJ) counties drug court is the first multi-county adult drug court to become operational in the District.  This is a single location-multi-county drug court model which means court is held in one location.  Drug Court team members and participants travel to Martin County on a weekly basis for staffing and court hearings.  The FMJ Adult Drug Court became operational in December 2006.  Capacity for this court is up to 30 participants.

The Minnesota Cornerstone Drug Court is a multi-county adult drug court serving Cottonwood, Murray, Nobles, Pipestone, and Rock counties.  This court has two staffing teams one located in Rock/Nobles county and the other in Cottonwood County.  They received 2011 implementation funding from the Bureau of Justice Assistance. Capacity for this court is 25-30 participants.

The Southwest Community Drug Court is a collaboration between Lincoln, Lyon and Redwood (LLR) counties and the Lower Sioux Indian Community.  This adult drug court began in 2009.  There are two staffing teams.  One team serves Lincoln and Lyon counties and staffings and court hearings are held in Lyon County.  The other team is located in Redwood County.  They received 2009 implementation funding from the Bureau of Justice Assistance. Capacity for this court is 25-30 participants.

Juvenile Drug Court

In 2007,  Brown County started a juvenile drug court.  They have recently changed their name to the Brown County Juvenile Treatment Court and as of January 2011 will begin accepting juveniles with diagnosed mental health and/or chemical dependency problems.  In addition to the juvenile delinquency population, they will also accept referrals from the child welfare system.  In late 2010, this court was awarded a three year grant from the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency prevention.

Family Dependancy Treatment Court

There are two family dependency treatment courts in the District.  Blue Earth County began accepting participants in September 2008 and Faribault-Martin-Jackson, which is also a multi-county single location model for FDTC started in 2009.  Both courts received a combined federal grant in 2009 from the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention.

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