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Conservatorships / Guardianships

The Probate Court has been authorized by the Minnesota State Legislature to appoint persons called conservators and guardians to manage the affairs of incapacitated or incompetent people.  At some time, a person may need or want to take responsibility for physically or mentally incapacitated persons who cannot manage their personal or financial affairs.  It is also possible that you may feel you would like to have some assistance in managing your own affairs under court sanction and supervision.  The appointed person is called a "conservator" or a "guardian."  

This information is not intended to advise participants on legal issues nor is it intended to be a substitute for a lawyer or legal advice.  It is a general description of procedures and basic information about guardianship and conservatorship matters in Kandiyohi County Probate Court.

For more detailed information, please consult the Guardian and Conservatorship Manual located on the Court Forms Home page.