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This website is an archive of Minnesota Supreme Court administrative orders and other documents from the 1970s through 2011. To find administrative orders and other documents filed after January 1, 2012, please go to the public website for the Minnesota Appellate Case Management System (P-MACS):

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If you don't know the administrative file number, you can choose "Administrative Files" as the Case Group and enter any part of the file name in the Case Title to search (e.g. Criminal Rules).

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1891 May 29 Atty Exam & Adm Rls.pdf654 KB
1925-07-15 Atty Exam & Adm Rls.pdf890 KB
1942-02-05 Order Atty Exam & Adm Rls.pdf83 KB
1942-03-10 Order Atty Exam & Adm Rls.pdf108 KB
1942-04-18 Order Atty Exam & Adm Rls.pdf177 KB
1944-04-21 Order Atty Exam & Adm Rls.pdf191 KB
1945-12-05 Order Atty Exam & Adm Rls.pdf256 KB
1947-02-18 Order Atty Exam & Adm Rls.pdf135 KB
1956 BLE Appt Orders.pdf51 KB
1958-02-10 Order Atty Exam & Adm Rls.pdf68 KB
1961 BLE Appt Orders.pdf55 KB
1963 BLE Appt Orders.pdf155 KB
1963-11-22 BLE Adm Asst Appt Order.pdf72 KB
1964 BLE Appt Orders.pdf384 KB
1966 BLE Appt Orders.pdf103 KB
1966-06-20 BLE Adm Asst Appt Order.pdf66 KB
1967 BLE Appt Orders.pdf96 KB
1967-06-13 Order Re Data Collecting.pdf49 KB
1968 BLE Appt Orders.pdf426 KB
1969 BLE Appt Orders.pdf97 KB
1969-03-20 Order Re Office Lease.pdf72 KB
1969-05-14 BLE Report Re Office Furniture(1).pdf76 KB
1969-05-14 BLE Report Re Office Furniture(2).pdf70 KB
1969-07-16 Order Re Director Compensation.pdf61 KB
1970 BLE Appt Orders.pdf99 KB
1971 BLE Appt Orders.pdf113 KB
1972 BLE Appt Orders.pdf92 KB
1973 BLE Appt Orders.pdf168 KB
1973-06-21 Order Re Director Compensation.pdf46 KB
1974 BLE Appt Orders.pdf45 KB
1975 BLE Appt Orders.pdf48 KB
1976 BLE Appt Orders.pdf105 KB
1976-02-27 Order 4-7-76 Hearing and Responses.pdf1540 KB
1976-07-01 Order Amending Bar Admission Rls.pdf1255 KB
1977 BLE Appt Orders.pdf93 KB
1977-03-30 Order Amending Bar Admission Rls.pdf561 KB
1977-06-20 Order Re Director Compensation.pdf48 KB
1978 BLE Appt Orders.pdf103 KB
1978-08-07 Order for Conditional Admission.pdf57 KB
1978-10-04 Order for Conditional Admission.pdf59 KB
1979 BLE Appt Orders.pdf139 KB
1979-07-19 Proposed Amend to Bar Admission Rls.pdf1307 KB
1979-07-24 Order Amending Bar Admission Rls.pdf92 KB
1979-08-15 Order 10-4-79 Hearing.pdf83 KB
1979-10-22 BLE Petition to Amend Adm Rls.pdf1140 KB
1980 BLE Appt Orders.pdf47 KB
1981 BLE Appt Orders.pdf47 KB
1982 BLE Appt Orders.pdf80 KB
1982 Misc .pdf680 KB
1982-02-19 Order 4-9-82 Hearing and Responses.pdf2472 KB
1982-04-09 Hearing Transcript.pdf2756 KB
1982-05-24 Order Student Prac Rls.pdf389 KB
1982-07-22 Order Amending Bar Adm Rls.pdf39 KB
1983 BLE Appt Orders.pdf298 KB
1983-02-14 Order Amending Bar Adm Rls.pdf60 KB
1984 BLE Appt Orders.pdf236 KB
1984-08-31 Order Amending Bar Adm Rls.pdf429 KB
1985 BLE Appt Orders.pdf166 KB
1986 BLE Appt Orders.pdf122 KB
1987 BLE Appt Orders.pdf210 KB
1988 BLE Appt Orders.pdf131 KB
1988-02-19 Order 2-12-88 Hearing and Responses.pdf672 KB
1988-04-04 Proposed Amend to Bar Rls.pdf1646 KB
1988-05-10 Final Draft Proposed Amend to Bar Rls.pdf1436 KB
1988-05-26 Order Amending Adm to Bar Rls.pdf1307 KB
1988-09-20 Order Amending Bar Adm Rls.pdf178 KB
1988-09-20 Order Amending Bar Adm Rules.pdf263 KB
1989 BLE Appt Orders.pdf56 KB
1990 BLE Appt Orders.pdf126 KB
1990-05-21 Order Amending Bar Adm Rls.pdf124 KB
1990-06-20 Order Amending Adm to Bar Rls.pdf180 KB
1990-10-31 Order Amending Bar Adm Rls.pdf267 KB
1990-10-31 Order Amending Bar Adm Rules.pdf411 KB
1991 BLE Appt Orders.pdf87 KB
1991-06-19 Order Re BLE Records.pdf85 KB
1991-11-22 Order Amending Adm to Bar Rls.pdf255 KB
1992 BLE Appt Orders.pdf87 KB
1992-03-10 Order Amending Adm to Bar Rls.pdf134 KB
1993 BLE Appt Orders.pdf174 KB
1993-02-24 Order 4-12-93 Hearing and Responses.pdf3427 KB
1993-06-03 Order Amending Adm to Bar Rls.pdf66 KB
1993-07-12 Order Amending Adm to Bar Rls.pdf878 KB
1994 BLE Appt Orders.pdf100 KB
1994-03-10 Petition Re Adm to Bar Application.pdf6988 KB
1994-04-11 Reply Stmt Re Adm to Bar Application.pdf278 KB
1994-04-28 Order Re Adm to Bar Application.pdf91 KB
1994-09-29 Order Re Adm to Bar Application.pdf66 KB
1995 BLE Appt Orders.pdf47 KB
1995-09-15 Order Re Grand Jury Subpoena.pdf50 KB
1996 BLE Appt Orders.pdf80 KB
1996-07-10 Order Re Subpoena of BLE Records.pdf59 KB
1997 BLE Appt Orders.pdf53 KB
1997-11-13 M. Ravnitsky Petition.pdf3193 KB
1997-12-23 BLE Petition.pdf501 KB
1997-12-23 Order Re BLE to File Petition.pdf103 KB
1998 BLE Appt Orders.pdf121 KB
1998-02-24 Order 4-21-98 Hearing and Responses.pdf4924 KB
1998-08-18 Order Amending Adm to Bar Rls.pdf158 KB
1998-08-26 Amended Order Adm to Bar Rls.pdf138 KB
1999 BLE Appt Orders.pdf75 KB
2000 BLE Appt Orders.pdf48 KB
2000-01-10 BLE Petition to Amend Bar Adm Rls.pdf599 KB
2000-01-20 Order For Comments and Responses.pdf1677 KB
2000-03-14 Order Amending Adm to Bar Rls.pdf187 KB
2001 BLE Appt Order.pdf35 KB
2002 BLE Appt Orders.pdf95 KB
2002-12-18 Order Amend Bar Adm Rls.pdf180 KB
2003 BLE Appt Orders.pdf89 KB
2003-05-30 BLE FY04 Proposed Budget.pdf1389 KB
2003-12-24 BLE Petition to Amend Bar Adm Rls.pdf389 KB
2004 BLE Appt Orders.pdf34 KB
2004-02-12 Order 5-18-04 Hearing.pdf448 KB
2004-03-05 LPRB Petition.pdf166 KB
2004-03-12 Order 5-18-04 Hearing & Responses.pdf994 KB
2004-08-25 Order Amend Bar Adm Rls.pdf207 KB
2005 BLE Appt Orders.pdf48 KB
2005-08-10 Order LPRB Amendments.pdf448 KB
2006 BLE Appt Orders.pdf34 KB
2007 BLE Appt Orders.pdf42 KB
2007-02-08 BLE Petition for Adm to Bar Amendments.pdf838 KB
2007-03-21 Comments Order for Adm to Bar Rls and Responses.pdf960 KB
2007-06-12 Order BLE Amendments.pdf1102 KB
2007-06-29 BLE Petition for Adm to Bar Amendments.pdf565 KB
2007-07-23 Comments Order for Adm to Bar Rls.pdf297 KB
2007-07-23 Order Adm to Bar Amendments.pdf40 KB
2007-09-24 Order BLE Amendments.pdf51 KB
2009 BLE Appt Orders.pdf41 KB
2009-04-29 Petition to Amend BLE Rule.pdf1393 KB
2009-08-10 Order Directing Study of BLE Rules.pdf50 KB
2010-08-02 Petitioner's Response to BLE Rpt.pdf6877 KB
2010-08-05 Order for BLE to Propose Amendment.pdf55 KB
Atty Exam & Adm Rls Undated.pdf457 KB