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This website is an archive of Minnesota Supreme Court administrative orders and other documents from the 1970s through 2011. To find administrative orders and other documents filed after January 1, 2012, please go to the public website for the Minnesota Appellate Case Management System (P-MACS):

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If you don't know the administrative file number, you can choose "Administrative Files" as the Case Group and enter any part of the file name in the Case Title to search (e.g. Criminal Rules).

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1978-04-25 Order 6-29-78 Hearing and Responses.pdf573 KB
1978-07-05 Order Amending Jud Standard Rls.pdf1399 KB
1981-03-26 Order Amending Jud Standard Rls.pdf62 KB
1984 Jud Standards Appt Order.pdf161 KB
1985 Jud Standards Appt Order.pdf60 KB
1985-12-09 Proposed Jud Standards Rls.pdf3412 KB
1985-12-16 Order 3-14-85 Hearing.pdf111 KB
1985-12-19 Memo Re Proposed Jud Rls.pdf60 KB
1986-03-14 Reponses for 3-14-86 Hearing.pdf4518 KB
1986-05-01 Order Amending Jud Standard Rls.pdf67 KB
1986-05-23 Order Amending Jud Standard Rls.pdf1417 KB
1988-01-15 Order Re Alberto Miera.pdf46 KB
1988-06-30 MSBA Petition Re Jud Conduct Rls.pdf1419 KB
1988-09-16 Order Amending Jud Standard Rls.pdf1256 KB
1989-11-22 Ltr from Hon. Alberto Miera.pdf460 KB
1989-12-27 Order Amending Jud Standard Rls.pdf1498 KB
1990 Commission of Jud Selection Laws.pdf545 KB
1993 Jud Standards Appt Order.pdf126 KB
1993-08-02 Notice for Comments & Questions.pdf135 KB
1993-11-23 Order Extending time for Final Rpt.pdf55 KB
1993-11-23 Order Re Jud Conduct Cmte Final Rpt.pdf53 KB
1994-05-17 Jud Conduct Notice for Public Hearing.pdf68 KB
1994-06-29 Cd of Jud Conduct Cmte Final Rpt.pdf730 KB
1994-12-07 Cd of Jud Conduct Cmte Supplemental Rpt.pdf124 KB
1995-02-09 Order 4-12-95 Hearing and Responses.pdf3113 KB
1995-04-07 Cd of Jud Conduct Cmte Supplemental Rpt.pdf1126 KB
1995-11-01 Order Amending Jud Conduct Rls.pdf2926 KB
1995-11-22 Cd of Jud Conduct Cmte Special Rpt.pdf1433 KB
1998 Jud Standards Appt Order.pdf127 KB
1998-03-20 Order to Reconvene Cd of Jud Conduct Cmte.pdf99 KB
1998-10-15 Cd of Jud Conduct Cmte Final Rpt.pdf207 KB
1998-12-01 Order 3-16-99 Hearing.pdf143 KB
1999-03-30 Order Amending Jud Standards Rls.pdf116 KB
2002-01-29 Order Code of Jud Conduct.pdf99 KB
2003-05-23 MSBA Petition.pdf551 KB
2003-06-13 Order for Comments & Responses.pdf847 KB
2004-04-15 Judicial Conduct Cmte Final Rpt.pdf169 KB
2004-04-19 Order 5-26-04 Hearing & Responses.pdf7298 KB
2004-06-09 Jud Conduct Cmte Supp Rpt.pdf211 KB
2004-09-16 Order Jud Conduct Amend.pdf92 KB
2005-01-14 Jud Conduct Comments Order and Responses.pdf174 KB
2005-05-03 Order Jud Conduct Amendments.pdf334 KB
2007-01-23 Order Establish Ad Hoc Advisory Cmte.pdf41 KB
2007-04-03 Order Establish Advisory Cmte Jud Standards.pdf53 KB
2007-10-31 Final Report - Jud Conduct Cmte.pdf2393 KB
2007-11-08 Order Jud Standards Extend Reporting Deadline.pdf21 KB
2007-12-18 Order Jud Conduct 2-27-08 Hearing and Comments.pdf1548 KB
2007-12-18 Order Jud Conduct 2-27-08 Hearing.pdf573 KB
2008 Jud Standards Appt Orders.pdf33 KB
2008-03-14 Jud Standards Cmte Rpt & Amendments.pdf2765 KB
2008-04-22 Order Jud Standards 7-9-08 Hearing & Responses.pdf3386 KB
2008-06-30 Order 7-9-08 Hearing Presentations.pdf26 KB
2008-12-18 Order Revised Judicial Conduct Code.pdf396 KB
2009-03-31 Order Judicial Standards Amendments.pdf1306 KB
2010-08-17 Comments Order & Responses - Judicial Conduct.pdf211 KB
2010-11-19 Order Cd of Judicial Conduct Amendments.pdf100 KB
2011-05-17 Order Exempting Judicial Officers.pdf74 KB