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This website is an archive of Minnesota Supreme Court administrative orders and other documents from the 1970s through 2011. To find administrative orders and other documents filed after January 1, 2012, please go to the public website for the Minnesota Appellate Case Management System (P-MACS):

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If you don't know the administrative file number, you can choose "Administrative Files" as the Case Group and enter any part of the file name in the Case Title to search (e.g. Criminal Rules).

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1976-07-02 Order 9-10-76 Hearing and Responses.pdf3470 KB
1976-07-27 Cd of Prof Resp Proposed Amendments .pdf183 KB
1976-10-13 Order Amending Cd of Prof Resp.pdf422 KB
1976-11-01 Order Amending Cd of Prof Resp.pdf148 KB
1976-12-17 MSBA Petition to Amend Rule DR2-102.pdf542 KB
1976-12-21 Order 2-17-77 Hearing and Responses.pdf553 KB
1977-12-09 MSBA Petition to Amend Rls of Prof Resp.pdf3384 KB
1977-12-23 Order 2-6-78 Hearing and Responses.pdf3395 KB
1978-04-14 Order Amending Rls of Prof Resp.pdf145 KB
1980-04-16 Ltr from Michael J. Hoover, LPRB.pdf149 KB
1980-05-30 Order Amending Cd of Prof Resp Rl.pdf247 KB
1980-05-30 Order Amending Cd of Prof Resp Rls.pdf275 KB
1980-06-10 LPRB Petition for Cd of Prof Resp Rls.pdf600 KB
1980-06-26 Order Re Amend Prof Resp Rule 19.pdf57 KB
1980-12-27 LPRB Petition to Amend Rls of Prof Conduct.pdf522 KB
1981-01-13 Order Amending Prof Resp Rls.pdf59 KB
1981-01-13 Order Amending Prof Resp Rules.pdf144 KB
1981-03-26 Order 6-11-81 Hearing.pdf473 KB
1981-04-01 6-5-81 Hearing and Responses.pdf1137 KB
1981-04-02 LPRB Petition Rls of Prof Resp.pdf162 KB
1982-12-27 Memorandum Opinion Re Cd of Prof Resp.pdf857 KB
1982-12-27 Order Amending Cd of Prof Resp Rls.pdf506 KB
1983-03-15 Ltr Re Client Trust Fund Accts.pdf3148 KB
1984-09-14 MSBA Petition Re Legal Certification.pdf131 KB
1984-09-15 MSBA Petition Re Proposed Rules.pdf662 KB
1984-09-25 Orders 1-4-85 Hearing and Responses.pdf18450 KB
1985 MSBA Proposed Rls of Prof Resp.pdf7510 KB
1985 Proposed Rls on Legal Certification.pdf490 KB
1985-06-13 Order Adopting Rls of Prof Conduct.pdf8669 KB
1985-10-10 Order Adopting Plan for Legal Cert.pdf549 KB
1986-01-17 Order Amending Legal Cert Rls.pdf76 KB
1986-10-28 Internal Rls for Bd of Legal Cert.pdf828 KB
1987-04-23 MSBA Petition Re Prof Conduct Rls.pdf1092 KB
1987-05-20 Order 6-25-87 Hearing and Responses.pdf369 KB
1987-05-21 Ltr Re Legal Certfication.pdf76 KB
1987-07-16 Order Amending Rls of Prof Conduct.pdf170 KB
1987-10-29 MSBA Petition Rls of Prof Conduct.pdf541 KB
1988-01-04 Order Denying MSBA Petition.pdf51 KB
1988-01-29 Order Re Denying MSBA Petition.pdf58 KB
1989-07-25 LPRB Petition Re Prof Conduct Rls.pdf1112 KB
1989-07-27 MSBA Petition Re Prof Conduct Rls.pdf2633 KB
1989-09-15 Order 12-14-89 Hearing and Responses.pdf1846 KB
1990-01-05 Order Amending Rules.pdf715 KB
1991-11-25 MSBA Petition Re Rls 1.6, 8.3 & 8.4.pdf3680 KB
1992-01-21 Order 3-20-92 Hearing and Responses.pdf848 KB
1992-04-14 Order Amending Rls 1.6, 8.3 & 8.4.pdf944 KB
1992-05-19 Order Amending Internal Rules.pdf81 KB
1993-01-28 MSBA Petition Re Rls 7.2 & 7.3.pdf501 KB
1993-02-25 Order 4-12-93 Hearing and Reponses(1).pdf15587 KB
1993-02-25 Order 4-12-93 Hearing and Reponses(2).pdf14983 KB
1993-09-01 Order Amending Rules 7.2 & 7.3.pdf112 KB
1994-03-14 MSBA Petiton Re Rule 1.8(k).pdf710 KB
1994-03-28 LPRB Petition Re Rule 1.8(k).pdf406 KB
1994-04-21 Order 6-8-94 Hearing and Responses.pdf8572 KB
1994-06-15 Order Re Rule 1.8(k).pdf121 KB
1994-06-20 Amended Order Re Rule 1.8(k).pdf122 KB
1994-09-23 MSBA Petition Re Pilot Programs.pdf1102 KB
1994-10-27 Order 12-2-94 Hearing and Responses.pdf766 KB
1994-12-13 Order Re Pilot Programs.pdf774 KB
1995-08-25 MSBA Petition Amending Conduct Rls.pdf1141 KB
1995-09-20 Order 11-15-95 Hearing and Responses.pdf2998 KB
1995-12-11 Order Amending Conduct Rls.pdf597 KB
1997-06-25 Rpt on Pilot Program Rule 6X.pdf4782 KB
1999-02-18 LPRB Petition Amending Conduct Rls.pdf2745 KB
1999-03-11 Order 5-26-99 Hearing and Responses.pdf519 KB
1999-05-06 LPRB Petition Re Rule 1.15.pdf249 KB
1999-07-28 Order Amending Conduct Rls.pdf2265 KB
1999-09-20 MSBA Petition Re Lwyrs Asst Program.pdf816 KB
1999-09-24 Order 12-15-99 Hearing and Responses.pdf595 KB
2002-01-25 MSBA Petition Prof Cond Rls.pdf421 KB
2002-03-14 Order Prof Conduct 6-18-02 Hearing.pdf436 KB
2002-04-22 Amend Order Prof Conduct Hearing & Responses.pdf4116 KB
2002-06-03 MSBA Supl Stmt for 1-25 Petition.pdf632 KB
2002-09-17 Order Multidisciplinary Practice.pdf135 KB
2003-02-19 MSBA Petition Prof Conduct Rls.pdf2574 KB
2003-03-13 Comments Order Rls of Prof Conduct.pdf3314 KB
2003-09-19 MSBA Petition Prof Cond Rls.pdf2395 KB
2003-09-19 MSBA Petition Prof Conduct Rls.pdf2395 KB
2004-01-26 MSBA Supplemental and Amended Petition.pdf189 KB
2004-02-12 Order 5-18-04 Hearing & Responses.pdf20100 KB
2004-05-04 MSBA Petition Prof Conduct Rls.pdf476 KB
2004-09-24 MSBA Supplemental and Amended Petition.pdf188 KB
2004-10-28 LPRB Supplemental Petition.pdf640 KB
2004-11-17 MSBA Addtion to Petition.pdf815 KB
2005-06-22 Order Prof Conduct Rls Amendments.pdf2073 KB