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This website is an archive of Minnesota Supreme Court administrative orders and other documents from the 1970s through 2011. To find administrative orders and other documents filed after January 1, 2012, please go to the public website for the Minnesota Appellate Case Management System (P-MACS):

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If you don't know the administrative file number, you can choose "Administrative Files" as the Case Group and enter any part of the file name in the Case Title to search (e.g. Criminal Rules).

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1974-08-08 MSBA Petition Re Rls of CLE.pdf592 KB
1974-08-09 Order Re 10-11-74 Hearing & Responses.pdf2648 KB
1975-01-06 Proposed Rls for 1-31-75 Hearing.pdf268 KB
1975-01-31 Responses to 1-31-75 Hearing.pdf3279 KB
1975-04-03 Order Adopting CLE Rls.pdf433 KB
1976-01-27 Petition of Amicus.pdf2224 KB
1976-02-27 Order Re 4-7-76 Hearing and Responses.pdf437 KB
1976-07-30 Order Amending CLE Rls.pdf188 KB
1977-08-01 Petition.pdf574 KB
1977-11-21 Order Denying Petition.pdf712 KB
1978-03-24 Order Amending CLE Rls.pdf140 KB
1979-05-16 Order Re Edward O. Serstock.pdf110 KB
1979-08-14 Order Re 10-4-79 Hearing.pdf270 KB
1979-09-28 Final Draft - Jud Edu Rls.pdf292 KB
1979-10-11 Order Adopting Jud Edu Rls.pdf257 KB
1979-10-11 Order Amending CLE Rls.pdf540 KB
1979-10-23 Order Amending CLE Rls.pdf101 KB
1980-02-22 CLE Ltr Re Restricted Status.pdf554 KB
1980-02-27 Order Amending Jud Edu Rls.pdf80 KB
1980-04-04 Order Re 6-6-80 Hearing and Responses.pdf3461 KB
1980-08-12 Order Re Cmte Members.pdf92 KB
1980-08-22 Order Amending CLE Rls.pdf57 KB
1980-11-03 Ltr Re CLE.pdf291 KB
1982-02-22 Ltr Re CLE Status.pdf303 KB
1984-11-23 Ltr Re CLE .pdf393 KB
1985 CLE Bd Member List.pdf75 KB
1985-05-17 Order Amending CLE Rls.pdf140 KB
1986-03-03 CLE Fee Increase Request.pdf642 KB
1987-01-28 Order 3-19-87 Hearing and Responses.pdf471 KB
1987-03-06 BLE Petition to Increase Fees.pdf686 KB
1987-03-09 Atty Reg Fee Cmte Report.pdf187 KB
1987-04-07 Order Re Rls of Client Security.pdf887 KB
1987-06-24 Order Rls of Client Security Bd.pdf97 KB
1987-12-23 Order Amending CLE Rls.pdf132 KB
1988-06-30 CLE Annual Rpt.pdf1582 KB
1994-09-23 MSBA Petition.pdf417 KB
1995-03-07 Order Re 5-12-95 Hearing & Responses.pdf11896 KB
1995-09-15 Order Amending CLE Rls.pdf225 KB
1996-01-30 Interim Rpt of CLE Ethics Cmte.pdf596 KB
1996-04-01 Rpt of CLE Ethics Cmte.pdf1317 KB
1996-05-21 Final Rpt of CLE Ethics Cmte.pdf2041 KB
1996-06-10 Ltr Re CLE Ethics Cmte Rpt.pdf96 KB
1996-06-28 Order Amending CLE Rls.pdf1275 KB
1997-09-10 Order Amending CLE Rls.pdf148 KB
1998-02-09 CLE Rpt.pdf644 KB
1998-02-19 Order Re 4-14-98 Hearing &.pdf471 KB
1998-05-22 Order Re Atty Reg Fees.pdf298 KB
1998-07-01 CLE Rpt Re Elimination of Bias.pdf1605 KB
1999-05-20 Order Re Atty Reg Fees.pdf60 KB
1999-09-14 CLE Petition to Amend CLE Rls.pdf748 KB
1999-09-24 Order 12-15-99 Hearing and Reponses.pdf1961 KB
1999-10-14 CLE Supplemental Petition.pdf414 KB
1999-12-08 CLE Supplemental Petition.pdf539 KB
2000-04-18 Promulgating CLE Rls.pdf1654 KB
2000-09-05 Order Amending Rls of CLE.pdf64 KB
2003-01-23 Order Proposed Amend CLE Rls.pdf212 KB
2003-05-27 CLE Request for Hearing.pdf127 KB
2003-05-30 BLE FY04 Proposed Budget.pdf1389 KB
2003-05-30 CLE Petition for Rule Amendment.pdf2424 KB
2003-06-16 Order 9-24-03 Hearing & Responses.pdf8393 KB
2003-12-10 Order Amending Rls of CLE.pdf151 KB
2004-01-15 CLE Amended Forms.pdf140 KB
2004-02-12 Order CLE Amended Forms.pdf75 KB
2007-02-15 Order CLE Reporting Periods.pdf27 KB
2007-02-15 Order CLE Rpt Time Extension.pdf32 KB
2007-05-07 MSBA Petition to Amend CLE Rls.pdf525 KB
2007-05-21 Order CLE 9-18-07 Hearing & Responses.pdf3144 KB
2008 CLE Reinstatement Orders.pdf32 KB
2008-01-31 Order CLE Amendments Re Pro Bono.pdf84 KB
2008-02-01 CLE Report.pdf1351 KB
2008-04-15 CLE Comments Order to CLE Amendments and Comments.pdf170 KB
2008-04-15 Order for Comments to CLE Amendments.pdf103 KB
2008-06-30 Order CLE and LTAB Amendments.pdf129 KB
2008-10-20 Order CLE Reinstatement.pdf18 KB
2009 CLE Reinstatement Orders.pdf89 KB
2009-09-02 CLE Petition for Amendments.pdf1493 KB
2009-09-10 Comments Order for CLE Amendments.pdf1529 KB
2009-11-05 Correction Ltr to Proposed CLE Amendments.pdf72 KB
2010-01-06 Order CLE Amendments.pdf920 KB
2010-04-01 Order CLE Amendments.pdf43 KB
2012-05-02 Order BLE 8-21-12 Hearing.pdf946 KB