Minnesota Judicial Branch
This website is an archive of Minnesota Supreme Court administrative orders and other documents from the 1970s through 2011. To find administrative orders and other documents filed after January 1, 2012, please go to the public website for the Minnesota Appellate Case Management System (P-MACS):

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If you don't know the administrative file number, you can choose "Administrative Files" as the Case Group and enter any part of the file name in the Case Title to search (e.g. Criminal Rules).

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2001-06-01 Order Juv Delinquency Rls.pdf163 KB
2002-12-02 Final Rpt Juv Delinquency Rls.pdf876 KB
2003-02-18 Order 4-29-03 Hearing.pdf848 KB
2003-07-21 Order Juv Delinquency Rls.pdf674 KB
2003-12-12 Final Rpt Juv Delinq Rls.pdf112 KB
2003-12-23 Comments Ord Juv Proc Rls.pdf92 KB
2004 Juv Delinquency Appt Rls Orders.pdf102 KB
2004-04-26 Order Amend Juv Proc Rls.pdf104 KB
2004-12-15 Juv Delinquency Final Report.pdf242 KB
2005 Juv Delinquency Rls Appt Order.pdf17 KB
2005-01-14 Juv Delinquency Comments Order and Responses.pdf251 KB
2005-03-15 Juv Delinquency Comments Order.pdf609 KB
2005-06-13 Order Juv Delinquency Amendments.pdf68 KB
2005-07-11 Order Juv Delinquency Amendments.pdf279 KB
2005-12-12 Juv Delinquency Final Report.pdf601 KB
2007 Juv Delinquency Rls Appt Orders.pdf70 KB
2007-06-05 Final Rerpot - Juv Delinquency Cmte.pdf723 KB
2007-06-27 Comments Order Juv Delinquency Proc.pdf658 KB
2007-10-11 Juv Delinquency Proc Amendments.pdf110 KB
2008 Juv Delinquency Rls Appt Orders.pdf20 KB
2009 Juv Delinquency Rls Appt Orders.pdf43 KB
2010 Juv Delinquency Rls Appt Orders.pdf21 KB