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This website is an archive of Minnesota Supreme Court administrative orders and other documents from the 1970s through 2011. To find administrative orders and other documents filed after January 1, 2012, please go to the public website for the Minnesota Appellate Case Management System (P-MACS):

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If you don't know the administrative file number, you can choose "Administrative Files" as the Case Group and enter any part of the file name in the Case Title to search (e.g. Criminal Rules).

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1891-05-29 Atty Exam & Adm Rls.pdf656 KB
1925-07-15 Atty Exam & Adm Rls.pdf890 KB
1942-02-05 Order Atty Exam & Adm Rls.pdf83 KB
1942-03-10 Order Atty Exam & Adm Rls.pdf108 KB
1942-04-18 Order Atty Exam & Adm Rls.pdf176 KB
1944-04-21 Order Atty Exam & Adm Rls.pdf191 KB
1945-12-05 Order Atty Exam & Adm Rls.pdf256 KB
1947-02-18 Order Atty Exam & Adm Rls.pdf135 KB
1958-02-10 Order Atty Exam & Adm Rls.pdf68 KB
1961-10-05 Adoption of Atty Reg Rls.pdf354 KB
1961-10-27 Order Re Deposit of Funds.pdf90 KB
1961-12-21 Order Waiving Late Fee.pdf69 KB
1962-02-28 Order Atty Exam & Adm Rls.pdf68 KB
1963-03-27 Order Waiving Late Fee.pdf65 KB
1964-01-02 Order Waiving Late Fee.pdf65 KB
1965-01-07 Order Amending Reg Rls.pdf52 KB
1965-12-10 Order Amending Reg Rls.pdf311 KB
1970-08-04 Amended Reg Rls.pdf309 KB
1973-02-02 Ltrs Re VISTA Atty Fees.pdf365 KB
1973-12-12 Order for Newly Admitted Atty .pdf238 KB
1975-06-03 Order Amending Atty Reg Fees.pdf141 KB
1977-08-01 Order Amending Atty Reg Fees.pdf135 KB
1978-07-28 Order for Fee Exempt Category.pdf122 KB
1979-07-17 Order Amending Atty Reg Fees.pdf171 KB
1980-08-12 Order Amending Atty Reg Fees.pdf191 KB
1981-11-13 Petition to Amend Atty Reg Fees.pdf788 KB
1981-11-17 Order 1-8-82 Hearing and Responses.pdf4201 KB
1982-02-22 Order for Denying Petition.pdf62 KB
1982-03-02 Petition to Amend Atty Reg Fees.pdf326 KB
1982-03-18 Order 5-7-83 Hearing and Responses.pdf2624 KB
1982-05-18 Order Amending Atty Reg Fees.pdf192 KB
1983-02-10 Amended Atty Reg Rls.pdf239 KB
1983-02-14 Amended Rls for Adm to the Bar.pdf52 KB
1984-07-25 Order Ameding Atty Reg Fees.pdf211 KB
1986-02-13 Order Amending Atty Reg Rls.pdf116 KB
1986-03-27 Order Re Atty Reg Fee Cmte.pdf129 KB
1986-05-30 Petition to Amend Atty Reg Fees.pdf1869 KB
1986-06-27 Order Releasing Atty Reg List.pdf57 KB
1986-06-30 Order Re Atty Reg Fee Cmte.pdf106 KB
1987-01-28 Order 3-19-87 Hearing and Responses.pdf471 KB
1987-03-06 BLE Petition to Increase Fees.pdf686 KB
1987-03-09 Atty Reg Fee Cmte Report.pdf187 KB
1987-04-07 Order Re Client Securty Bd.pdf1094 KB
1987-06-24 Order Imposing Special Assessment.pdf120 KB
1987-12-03 Order Terminating Atty Reg Fee Cmte.pdf58 KB
1990-04-19 Order Re Reinstatement of Attys.pdf48 KB
1990-05-22 Amended Order Re Reinstatement.pdf55 KB
1990-06-06 Petition to Amend Atty Reg Fees.pdf1636 KB
1990-07-28 Petition to Amend Atty Reg Fees.pdf168 KB
1990-09-20 Order 11-5-90 Hearing and Responses.pdf3803 KB
1990-11-14 Order Amending Atty Reg Fees.pdf234 KB
1991-01-10 Petition Re Pro Bono Reporting.pdf1359 KB
1991-02-07 Order 4-18-91 Hearing and Responses.pdf6464 KB
1991-05-22 Order Denying Pro Bono Petition.pdf314 KB
1992-01-10 Petition to Amend Atty Reg Fees.pdf1866 KB
1992-01-12 Order 3-20-92 Hearing and Responses.pdf4079 KB
1992-04-15 Order Amending Atty Reg Fees.pdf390 KB
1993-08-26 Petition to Amend Atty Reg Fees.pdf1938 KB
1993-09-20 Order 11-17-93 Hearing and Responses.pdf4627 KB
1993-12-03 Order Amending Atty Reg Fees.pdf189 KB
1996-02-12 Petition for Increase of Rule 24.pdf607 KB
1996-02-12 Petition to Amend Atty Reg Fees.pdf6372 KB
1996-03-14 Petition to Amend Atty Reg Fees.pdf912 KB
1996-03-19 Order for 5-29-96 Hearing.pdf71 KB
1996-06-13 Order Amending Atty Reg Fees.pdf189 KB
1996-10-23 Petition to Amend Atty Reg Fees.pdf12565 KB
1996-11-14 Order 1-21-97 Hearing and Responses.pdf2370 KB
1997-02-06 Order Amending Atty Reg Fees.pdf285 KB
1998-01-02 Petition Re Client Security Funds.pdf3052 KB
1998-01-22 Order 4-14-98 Hearing and Responses.pdf498 KB
1998-05-22 Order Amending Atty Reg Fees.pdf273 KB
1998-05-22 Order Re Client Security Funds.pdf307 KB
1999-05-20 Order Re Atty Reg Fees.pdf68 KB
1999-09-14 MSBA Petition Pro Bono Reporting.pdf15711 KB
1999-09-21 Petition Re Atty Reg Funding.pdf3565 KB
1999-09-24 Orders 12-15-99 Hearing and Reponses.pdf3748 KB
2000-01-25 Order Re Cmte Review of Rule 9.pdf69 KB
2000-02-23 Order for Comments and Responses.pdf953 KB
2000-04-17 Order Re Pro Bono Requirements.pdf69 KB
2000-04-18 Order Amending Atty Reg Fees.pdf81 KB
2000-05-08 Order Amending Atty Reg Fees.pdf266 KB
2000-09-26 Order Amending Atty Reg Rule 9.pdf142 KB
2002-05-28 Order Amending Atty Reg Fees.pdf419 KB
2002-12-18 Order Amending Atty Fees.pdf261 KB
2002-12-18 Order Amending Atty Reg Rls.pdf264 KB
2003-06-17 Order Amending Atty Reg Fees.pdf91 KB
2003-08-04 Order Re Atty Reg Addresses.pdf84 KB
2005-07-29 MSBA Petition.pdf589 KB
2005-09-30 Atty Reg Hearing Order.pdf578 KB
2006-01-06 Order Atty Reg Postpone Hearing.pdf28 KB
2006-03-07 Petition Attorney Registration.pdf738 KB
2006-03-10 Order Atty Reg 5-23-06 Hearing & Comments.pdf1530 KB
2006-05-03 Ltr Re Correction to Lawyer Reg Amendments.pdf62 KB
2006-06-12 Ltr Re Lawyer Reg Amendments.pdf55 KB
2006-07-12 Order Amend Lawyer Registration Rls.pdf468 KB
2006-08-16 Order Lawyer Reg Rls Amendment.pdf166 KB
2007-02-26 Order Atty Reg Address Disclosure.pdf55 KB
2007-06-29 BLE Petition for Adm to Bar Amendments.pdf565 KB
2007-06-29 BLE Petition for Lawyer Reg Amendments.pdf356 KB
2007-07-23 Comments Order Adm to Bar Rls.pdf297 KB
2007-07-23 Comments Order Lawyer Reg Rls.pdf245 KB
2007-08-03 Order Disclosure of Atty Addresses.pdf26 KB
2007-09-24 Order Lawyer Reg Rls Amendments.pdf349 KB
2007-11-01 MSBA Petition to Amend LAP Fee.pdf26268 KB
2008-03-19 Order Lawyer Registration Amendments.pdf173 KB
2008-07-22 Order Lawyer Registration Amendments.pdf190 KB
2008-07-28 Amended Order Lawyer Reg Amendments.pdf162 KB
2008-08-06 Order Disclosure of Lawyer Addresses.pdf28 KB
2009-06-04 Petition of Legal Svcs Planning Cmte.pdf134 KB
2009-06-11 Comment Order re Lawyer Registration Fee.pdf3122 KB
2009-07-15 Order Extending Reduction of Fee.pdf35 KB
2009-11-04 Order Re Lawyer Registration Fees.pdf869 KB
2010-04-01 Lawyer Reg Amendments.pdf138 KB
2010-06-22 Lawyer Reg Amendments.pdf165 KB
2010-08-26 Bd of Pub Def Petition to Continue $75 Fee Increase.pdf7756 KB
2010-08-26 Order Disclosing Lawyer Addresses.pdf33 KB
2010-08-31 Petition MSBA to Create Emeritus Atty Category.pdf1698 KB
2010-09-23 Order Lawyer Reg 12-14-10 Hearing & Comments.pdf1276 KB
2010-10-25 Order MSBA Statement Time Extension.pdf29 KB
2010-11-17 Petition Legal Svcs Planning Cmte Re Fee.pdf368 KB
2010-12-17 Order Emeritus Category Petition Denied.pdf71 KB
2011-03-02 Lawyer Reg Amendments.pdf442 KB
Undated Atty Exam & Adm Rls.pdf457 KB