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This website is an archive of Minnesota Supreme Court administrative orders and other documents from the 1970s through 2011. To find administrative orders and other documents filed after January 1, 2012, please go to the public website for the Minnesota Appellate Case Management System (P-MACS):

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If you don't know the administrative file number, you can choose "Administrative Files" as the Case Group and enter any part of the file name in the Case Title to search (e.g. Criminal Rules).

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08-09-03 LPRB Petition to Amend Rules.pdf474 KB
1934-04-11 Order Expunging Records.pdf586 KB
1936-1955 Misc Re Atty Discipline.pdf2746 KB
1961-11-14 Order Amending Rls of Prof Resp.pdf687 KB
1964-01-29 Order Amending Rls of Prof Resp.pdf77 KB
1969-11-04 Order Amending Rls of Prof Resp.pdf418 KB
1977-12-21 MSBA Petition to Amend Rls of Prof Resp.pdf20652 KB
1978-05-11 Order Amending Rls of Prof Resp.pdf130 KB
1978-10-05 LPRB Petition to Access Records.pdf356 KB
1979-05-01 MSBA Petiton to Amend Rls of Prof Resp.pdf405 KB
1979-06-05 LPRB Petition to Amend Rls of Prof Resp.pdf212 KB
1979-08-14 Orders 10-4-79 Hearing and Responses.pdf5368 KB
1980-03-04 Executed Oaths of Office.pdf1451 KB
1980-05-30 Order Amending Rls of Prof Resp.pdf366 KB
1981-02-10 Executed Oaths of Office.pdf269 KB
1981-02-11 Ltr Re ABA Evaluation Order.pdf457 KB
1981-02-27 Order Re ABA Evaluation.pdf139 KB
1981-04-07 Executed Oaths of Office.pdf218 KB
1981-06-05 Responses for Rls of Prof Resp 6-5-81 Hearing.pdf5578 KB
1981-07-16 Order Repealing Prof Resp Rule 6(c).pdf137 KB
1981-10-16 Order Amending Rls of Prof Resp.pdf362 KB
1981-11-09 Order Amending Cd of Prof Resp.pdf80 KB
1981-12-14 Executed Oaths of Office.pdf108 KB
1982-02-12 LPRB Petition to Amend Rls of Prof Resp.pdf1737 KB
1982-02-24 Order Re Access to Records.pdf140 KB
1982-03-11 Executed Oaths of Office.pdf394 KB
1982-03-19 Order 5-7-82 Hearing and Responses.pdf2991 KB
1982-07-01 MSBA Petition Re Trust Accts.pdf2482 KB
1982-07-23 Order Amending Rls of Prof Resp.pdf3044 KB
1982-07-28 Order 10-8-82 Hearing and Responses.pdf2708 KB
1982-10-28 Executed Oath of Office.pdf60 KB
1982-12-02 Executed Oath of Office.pdf57 KB
1982-12-27 Order Creating IOLTA and LTAB.pdf217 KB
1983-03-17 Executed Oaths of Office.pdf323 KB
1983-03-21 LPRB Petition to Amend Rls of Prof Resp.pdf523 KB
1983-04-17 Executed Oaths of Office.pdf270 KB
1983-04-26 Order Amending Rls of Prof Resp.pdf445 KB
1983-05-06 Executed Oaths of Office.pdf105 KB
1983-06-01 Order Re First Bd of Directors.pdf167 KB
1983-09-07 Order Re Terms of Bd Appointees.pdf176 KB
1984-01-25 Petition to Amend Rls of Prof Resp.pdf367 KB
1984-02-21 Order Amending Rls of Prof Resp.pdf185 KB
1984-02-22 Order 7-24-84 Hearing.pdf77 KB
1984-04-05 LPRB Petition to Amend Rls of Prof Resp.pdf876 KB
1984-04-12 Executed Oaths of Office.pdf449 KB
1984-04-17 Order 7-24-84 Hearing and Responses.pdf1240 KB
1984-07-06 Executed Oaths of Office.pdf93 KB
1984-07-17 MSBA Petition to Establish Cmte.pdf406 KB
1984-08-31 Order Establishing Advisory Cmte.pdf174 KB
1984-09-20 LPRB Petition to Amend Rls of Prof Resp.pdf259 KB
1984-09-26 Misc Ltr Re Rls of Prof Resp.pdf129 KB
1984-10-22 Order Amending Rls of Prof Resp.pdf158 KB
1985-03-29 Executed Oaths of Office.pdf306 KB
1985-04-22 SC Adv Cmte Disciplinary Rpt.pdf9309 KB
1985-07-01 Re Discipline Data Bank.pdf64 KB
1985-12-02 Lawyer Discipline Adv Cmte Report.pdf5399 KB
1985-12-02 SC Adv Cmte Disciplinary Rpt.pdf4955 KB
1985-12-16 Order 3-18-86 Hearing and Responses.pdf7043 KB
1986-02-11 LPRB Petition to Amend Rls of Prof Resp.pdf6646 KB
1986-03-04 LPRB Supplemental Stmt.pdf2313 KB
1986-03-14 Order 3-18-86 Hearing.pdf61 KB
1986-04-02 Executed Oath of Office Ltr.pdf67 KB
1986-06-20 Order Amending Rls of Prof Resp.pdf2654 KB
1986-08-04 Executed Oaths of Office.pdf104 KB
1986-08-18 LPRB Petition to Amend Rls of Prof Resp.pdf3981 KB
1986-09-22 Order 12-12-86 Hearing.pdf628 KB
1987-01-28 Executed Oaths of Office.pdf286 KB
1987-02-03 LPRB Implementation Rpt.pdf5656 KB
1987-03-23 Executed Oaths of Office.pdf272 KB
1987-04-27 Order Amending Rls of Prof Resp.pdf3060 KB
1987-05-13 Executed Oaths of Office.pdf106 KB
1987-05-21 Order Amending Rls of Prof Resp.pdf224 KB
1987-07-08 LPRB Annual Rpt.pdf4095 KB
1988-01-14 Order Amending 4-27-87 Order.pdf137 KB
1988-01-20 Executed Oaths of Office.pdf319 KB
1988-02-04 LPRB Petition to Amend Rls of Prof Resp.pdf2600 KB
1988-02-17 Order 5-12-88 Hearing and Responses.pdf7896 KB
1988-06-30 LPRB Annual Rpt.pdf3015 KB
1988-09-14 Order Amending Rls of Prof Resp.pdf2814 KB
1989-02-13 Executed Oaths of Office.pdf646 KB
1989-07-07 Client Security Bd Annual Rpt.pdf864 KB
1989-07-07 LPRB Annual Rpt.pdf3125 KB
1990-04-16 Executed Oaths of Office.pdf470 KB
1990-06-26 LPRB Annual Rpt.pdf3614 KB
1990-09-14 Order Re Referee Assignment.pdf53 KB
1990-10-08 LPRB Petition to Amend Rls of Prof Resp.pdf3323 KB
1990-10-29 Executed Oath.pdf99 KB
1990-11-28 Order 2-1-91 Hearing and Responses.pdf301 KB
1991-02-01 Executed Oaths of Office.pdf271 KB
1991-02-11 Order Amending Rls of Prof Resp.pdf1673 KB
1991-03-26 Order Re Records Disclosure to BLE.pdf96 KB
1991-06-18 LPRB Annual Rpt.pdf4553 KB
1992-03-02 Executed Oaths of Office.pdf732 KB
1992-06-22 LPRB Annual Rpt.pdf3760 KB
1992-07-23 Executed Oaths of Office.pdf266 KB
1992-09-09 Order Creating Lawyer Discipline Adv Cmte.pdf144 KB
1992-09-22 Ltr Re SC Adv Cmte Appt.pdf156 KB
1992-10-12 Order Re Access to LPRB Records.pdf133 KB
1992-10-21 SC Adv Cmte Appt Order.pdf118 KB
1993 Ethics Cmte Appt Orders.pdf199 KB
1993 Lawyers Trust Bd Appt Orders.pdf102 KB
1993 Special Panel Appt Orders.pdf193 KB
1993-04-02 Executed Oaths of Office.pdf598 KB
1993-06-22 LPRB Annual Rpt.pdf2753 KB
1994-01-28 SC Adv Cmte Rpt.pdf6280 KB
1994-06-16 LPRB Annual Rpt.pdf3715 KB
1994-09-23 MSBA Petition to Amend Rls of Prof Resp.pdf1069 KB
1994-10-21 Order 12-2-94 Hearing.pdf75 KB
1994-11-10 LPRB Petiton to Amend Rls of Prof Resp.pdf339 KB
1995-04-14 Executed Oaths of Office.pdf891 KB
1996 Lawyers Trust Bd Vacancy Announcement.pdf93 KB
1996-01-28 Executed Oaths of Office.pdf441 KB
1996-02-12 LPRB & BLE Atty Registration Petitions.pdf3716 KB
1996-03-19 Order 5-29-96 Hearing & Responses.pdf1654 KB
1996-04-19 Executed Oaths of Office.pdf480 KB
1996-05-14 Re El Salvador Judicial Officials.pdf73 KB
1996-06-13 Order Amending Rls of Prof Resp.pdf141 KB
1996-06-24 Order Amending Rls of Prof Resp.pdf56 KB
1997-01-17 LPRB Interim Rpt.pdf405 KB
1997-06-25 Lawers Discipline Pilot Mediation Rpt.pdf4993 KB
1997-06-26 LPRB Annual Rpt.pdf3695 KB
1998-08-17 Executed Oaths of Office.pdf233 KB
1998-08-25 Ltr Re Oath of Office.pdf836 KB
1999-02-18 LPRB Rls of Prof Resp Petition.pdf2794 KB
1999-03-11 Order 5-26-99 Hearing.pdf70 KB
1999-03-30 Order Amending Rls of Prof Resp.pdf1249 KB
1999-05-05 LPRB MSBA Petition.pdf175 KB
1999-06-01 Executed Oaths of Office.pdf390 KB
1999-06-01 LPRB Annual Rpt.pdf3109 KB
1999-07-28 Order Amending Rls of Prof Resp.pdf2179 KB
2000-06-01 LPRB Annual Rpt.pdf2954 KB
2000-06-19 Executed Oath of Office.pdf108 KB
2001 LPRB Appt Orders.pdf196 KB
2002 Lawyers Prof Resp Annual Rpt.pdf3418 KB
2002-08-16 Order LPRB Acting Director.pdf50 KB
2003-06-10 LPRB Annual Rpt.pdf3400 KB
2004-07-15 LPRB Annual Rpt.pdf1279 KB
2005-04-20 LPRB Budget Report.pdf191 KB
2005-06-23 LPRB Annual Rpt.pdf1159 KB
2005-08-10 Order Prof Resp Amendments.pdf440 KB
2006-06-23 LPRB Annual Report.pdf2316 KB
2007-07-24 LPRB Annual Report.pdf1197 KB
2008-06-30 Order CLE and LTAB Amendments.pdf129 KB
2008-07-03 LPRB Annual Rpt.pdf1700 KB
2008-09-25 LPRB Order Comments on Proposed Amendments.pdf477 KB
2008-12-30 Order Lawyers Trust Acct Bd Amendments.pdf41 KB
2009-03-25 Order Lawyer Prof Resp Amendments.pdf123 KB
2010-04-01 Lawyer Trust Acct Bd Amendments.pdf135 KB
2010-05-14 Order LPRB Amendment.pdf47 KB