Minnesota Judicial Branch
This website is an archive of Minnesota Supreme Court administrative orders and other documents from the 1970s through 2011. To find administrative orders and other documents filed after January 1, 2012, please go to the public website for the Minnesota Appellate Case Management System (P-MACS):

Link to P-MACS Search Screen

If you don't know the administrative file number, you can choose "Administrative Files" as the Case Group and enter any part of the file name in the Case Title to search (e.g. Criminal Rules).

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1971 LPRB Appt Orders.pdf338 KB
1972 LPRB Appt Orders.pdf121 KB
1973 LPRB Appt Orders.pdf291 KB
1974 LPRB Appt Order.pdf110 KB
1975 LPRB Appt Orders.pdf233 KB
1976 LPRB Appt Orders.pdf214 KB
1978 LPRB Appt Orders.pdf109 KB
1979 LPRB Appt Orders.pdf54 KB
1981 LPRB Appt Orders.pdf70 KB
1982 LPRB Appt Orders.pdf345 KB
1983 Lawyers Trust Bd Appt Orders.pdf53 KB
1983 LPRB Appt Orders.pdf552 KB
1984 LPRB Appt Orders.pdf610 KB
1985 Lawyers Trust Bd Appt Orders.pdf38 KB
1985 LPRB Appt Orders.pdf698 KB
1986 Ethics Cmte Appt Orders.pdf51 KB
1986 Lawyers Trust Bd Appt Orders.pdf42 KB
1986 LPRB Appt Orders.pdf898 KB
1987 Ethics Cmte Appt Orders.pdf277 KB
1987 Lawyers Trust Bd Appt Orders.pdf38 KB
1987 LPRB Appt Orders.pdf273 KB
1988 Ethics Cmte Appt Orders.pdf51 KB
1988 Lawyers Trust Bd Appt Orders.pdf43 KB
1988 LPRB Appt Orders.pdf109 KB
1989 Ethics Cmte Appt Orders.pdf148 KB
1989 Lawyers Trust Bd Appt Orders.pdf132 KB
1989 LPRB Appt Orders.pdf365 KB
1989 Special Panel Appt Order.pdf52 KB
1990 Ethics Cmte Appt Orders.pdf49 KB
1990 Lawyers Trust Bd Appt Orders.pdf137 KB
1990 LPRB Appt Orders.pdf323 KB
1990 Special Panel Appt Order.pdf54 KB
1991 Ethics Cmte Appt Orders.pdf203 KB
1991 Lawyers Trust Bd Appt Orders.pdf50 KB
1991 LPRB Appt Orders.pdf300 KB
1992 Ethics Cmte Appt Orders.pdf312 KB
1992 Lawyers Trust Bd Appt Orders.pdf88 KB
1992 LPRB Appt Orders.pdf222 KB
1992 Special Panel Appt Order.pdf59 KB
1994 Ethics Cmte Appt Orders.pdf105 KB
1994 Lawyers Trust Bd Appt Orders.pdf38 KB
1994 LPRB Appt Orders.pdf163 KB
1994 Special Panel Appt Order.pdf55 KB
1995 Ethics Cmte Appt Orders.pdf44 KB
1995 Lawyers Trust Bd Appt Order.pdf156 KB
1995 LPRB Appt Orders.pdf163 KB
1996 Ethics Cmte Appt Orders.pdf97 KB
1996 Lawyers Trust Bd Appt Orders.pdf340 KB
1996 LPRB Appt Orders.pdf205 KB
1997 Ethics Cmte Appt Orders.pdf193 KB
1997 Lawyers Trust Bd Appt Orders.pdf111 KB
1997 LPRB Appt Orders.pdf248 KB
1998 Ethics Cmte Appt Orders.pdf354 KB
1998 Lawyers Trust Bd Appt Order.pdf46 KB
1998 LPRB Appt Orders.pdf112 KB
1999 Ethics Cmte Appt Orders.pdf329 KB
1999 Lawyers Trust Bd Appt Orders.pdf99 KB
1999 LPRB Appt Orders.pdf105 KB
2000 Ethics Cmte Appt Orders.pdf137 KB
2000 Lawyers Trust Bd Appt Orders.pdf150 KB
2000 LPRB Appt Orders.pdf71 KB
2001 Ethics Cmte Appt Orders.pdf92 KB
2001 Lawyers Trust Bd Appt Orders.pdf89 KB
2002 Ethics Cmte Appt Orders.pdf136 KB
2002 Lawyers Trust Bd Appt Orders.pdf87 KB
2002 LPRB Appt Orders.pdf99 KB
2002-12-02 LPRB Director Appt Order.pdf62 KB
2003 Ethics Cmte Appt Orders.pdf169 KB
2003 Lawyers Trust Bd Appt Orders.pdf123 KB
2003 LPRB Appt Orders.pdf128 KB
2004 Ethics Cmte Appt Orders.pdf210 KB
2004 Lawyers Trust Bd Appt Orders.pdf74 KB
2004 LPRB Appt Orders.pdf127 KB
2005 Ethics Cmte Appt Orders.pdf98 KB
2005 LPRB Appt Orders.pdf100 KB
2005 LTAB Appt Order.pdf18 KB
2006 District Ethics Cmtes Appt Orders.pdf138 KB
2006 LPRB Appt Orders.pdf52 KB
2006 Trust Acct Bd Appt Orders.pdf70 KB
2007 Lawyers Trust Acct Bd Appt Orders.pdf45 KB
2007 LPRB Appt Orders.pdf78 KB
2008 Ethics Cmte Appt Orders.pdf44 KB
2008 Lawyers Trust Acct Appt Orders.pdf39 KB
2008 LPRB Appt Orders.pdf48 KB
2008-06-25 Order Appt 13th Dist.pdf16 KB
2008-06-27 Amended Order Appt 13th Dist.pdf17 KB
2009 Ethics Cmte Appt Orders.pdf66 KB
2009 Lawyer Trust Acct Bd Appt Orders.pdf22 KB
2009 LPRB Appt Order.pdf55 KB
2010 11th Dist Ethics Cmte Appt Order.pdf22 KB
2010 12th Dist Ethics Cmte Appt Order.pdf22 KB
2010 Ethics Cmte Appt Orders.pdf75 KB
2010 LPRB Appt Orders.pdf57 KB
2011 12th Dist Ethics Cmte Appt Order.pdf21 KB
2011 15th Dist Ethics Cmte Appt Order.pdf20 KB
2011 17th Dist Ethics Cmte Appt Order.pdf21 KB
2011 LPRB Appt Order.pdf21 KB