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This website is an archive of Minnesota Supreme Court administrative orders and other documents from the 1970s through 2011. To find administrative orders and other documents filed after January 1, 2012, please go to the public website for the Minnesota Appellate Case Management System (P-MACS):

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If you don't know the administrative file number, you can choose "Administrative Files" as the Case Group and enter any part of the file name in the Case Title to search (e.g. Criminal Rules).

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1974-12-10 Order 12-23-74 Hearing.pdf73 KB
1974-12-30 Order Adoption No Fault Rls.pdf589 KB
1981-11-17 Order 1-8-92 Hearing.pdf244 KB
1982-01-08 Order Amended No Fault Rls.pdf190 KB
1983-12-29 Ltr Re Proposed No Fault Rls.pdf178 KB
1986-01-21 Order 4-10-86 Hearing and Responses.pdf2317 KB
1986-01-28 American Arbitration Assn Report.pdf1699 KB
1986-04-10 No Fault Rls Oral Presentation List.pdf45 KB
1986-06-17 Order Re Proposed No Fault Rls.pdf595 KB
1987-01-29 Arbitration Standing Cmte.pdf96 KB
1988-03-24 Order Amended No Fault Rls .pdf151 KB
1990-09-24 Petition Proposed No Fault Rls.pdf1164 KB
1990-09-25 Order 11-9-90 Hearing and Responses.pdf1296 KB
1990-11-06 Standing Cmte Report on No Fault Rls.pdf2822 KB
1990-11-14 Order Amend No Fault Rls .pdf994 KB
1991-08-12 Order Amended No Fault Rls.pdf58 KB
1991-09-12 Order Amended No Fault Rls.pdf74 KB
1993 July Reponse Ltrs to 7-15-93 Hearing.pdf3383 KB
1993-05-17 Order 7-15-93 Hearing.pdf175 KB
1993-08-31 Order Amended No Fault Rls .pdf145 KB
1994-04-14 Arbitration Standing Cmte.pdf1384 KB
1995-09-25 Order Amended No Fault Rls.pdf161 KB
1997-05-19 Order Amended No Fault Rls.pdf143 KB
1999-06-07 Order 8-17-99 Hearing and Responses.pdf23107 KB
1999-09-07 Order Amended No Fault Rls.pdf948 KB
2000-07-11 Order No Fault Arbitration .pdf133 KB
2001-02-09 Order No Fault Amendments.pdf133 KB
2002-08-26 No-Fault Cmte Petition.pdf389 KB
2002-09-12 Order No-Fault Comments Deadline.pdf70 KB
2002-09-23 Petition No-Fault Arbitration.pdf883 KB
2002-11-20 Comments Order No-Fault & Comments.pdf3487 KB
2002-11-20 Comments Order No-Fault Arb.pdf488 KB
2003-08-05 Order No-Fault Amendments.pdf132 KB
2003-09-10 Order No-Fault Amendments.pdf122 KB
2004-05-14 Order Amend No-Fault Rls.pdf55 KB
2005-10-03 Petition to Amend No-Fault Rls.pdf76 KB
2005-10-17 No Fault Comments Order.pdf49 KB
2005-12-19 Order No-Fault Amendments.pdf30 KB
2007-06-22 Petition - No-Fault Arbitration Cmte.pdf134 KB
2007-07-23 Comments Order No-Fault Arb.pdf140 KB
2007-11-19 Order No-Fault Arb Amendments.pdf83 KB
2008-06-11 Petition of Nat'l Arbitration Forum.pdf1190 KB
2008-06-27 Order Designation of Program Administrator.pdf121 KB
2008-07-01 Order No-Fault Amendments.pdf32 KB
2009-11-30 Petition for Amend No-Fault Arb Rls.pdf2150 KB
2009-12-10 Order for Comments No-Fault Arb Rls & Comments.pdf731 KB
2010-02-23 Supplemental Petition No-Fault Arb Rls.pdf279 KB
2010-05-03 Order No-Fault Arb Amendments.pdf137 KB