Minnesota Judicial Branch
This website is an archive of Minnesota Supreme Court administrative orders and other documents from the 1970s through 2011. To find administrative orders and other documents filed after January 1, 2012, please go to the public website for the Minnesota Appellate Case Management System (P-MACS):

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If you don't know the administrative file number, you can choose "Administrative Files" as the Case Group and enter any part of the file name in the Case Title to search (e.g. Criminal Rules).

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2001-01-25 Spec Redist Notice of Case Filing.pdf42 KB
2001-01-25 Spec Redist Plaintiff's Petition.pdf2578 KB
2001-02-08 Spec Redist Letter.pdf189 KB
2001-03-02 Spec Redist Order.pdf412 KB
2001-06-13 Spec Redist Petitioner's Motion.pdf2511 KB
2001-07-12 Spec Redist Order.pdf120 KB
2001-08-01 Spec Redist Letter.pdf117 KB
2001-08-10 Spec Redist Motion to Intervene.pdf545 KB
2001-08-14 Spec Redist State's Response.pdf296 KB
2001-08-15 Spec Redist Intervenor's Memo.pdf1480 KB
2001-08-15 Spec Redist Letter.pdf105 KB
2001-08-15 Spec Redist Motion to Intervene.pdf308 KB
2001-08-15 Spec Redist Plaintiff's Notice.pdf814 KB
2001-08-16 Spec Redist Intervenors Memoran.pdf864 KB
2001-08-16 Spec Redist Sec of State Ltr.pdf91 KB
2001-08-20 Spec Redist Complaint.pdf1978 KB
2001-08-22 Spec Redist Atty Gen Letter.pdf321 KB
2001-08-22 Spec Redist Letter.pdf141 KB
2001-08-22 Spec Redist Sched Order 1.pdf119 KB
2001-08-28 Spec Redist Letter.pdf245 KB
2001-08-30 Spec Redist Plaintiff's Consent.pdf210 KB
2001-09-05 Project Net Pleadings.pdf1476 KB
2001-09-07 Spec Redist Defendant's Consent.pdf236 KB
2001-09-12 Spec Redist Letter.pdf62 KB
2001-09-12 Spec Redist Notice of Intervention.pdf113 KB
2001-09-13 Spec Redist Motion to Intervene.pdf1104 KB
2001-09-14 Spec Redist Notice of Intervent.pdf1860 KB
2001-09-24 Spec Redist Letter.pdf694 KB
2001-09-24 Spec Redist Notice of Objection.pdf5946 KB
2001-09-28 Spec Redist Moe Reply Memorandum.pdf1538 KB
2001-09-28 Spec Redist Reply Memorandum.pdf1543 KB
2001-10-09 Spec Redist Affidavits of Svc.pdf686 KB
2001-10-09 Spec Redist Order.pdf765 KB
2001-10-17 Spec Redist Defedant Stmt.pdf406 KB
2001-10-17 Spec Redist Intervenor's Stmt.pdf413 KB
2001-10-17 Spec Redist Plaintiff's Stmt.pdf882 KB
2001-10-17 Spec Redist Plaintiffs Stmt.pdf506 KB
2001-10-17 Spec Redist Sec of State Affidavit.pdf467 KB
2001-10-17 Spec Redist Statement.pdf503 KB
2001-10-17 Spec Redist Stipulation.pdf551 KB
2001-10-18 Spec Redist Panel Criteria Stip.pdf402 KB
2001-10-19 Spec Redist Letter.pdf157 KB
2001-10-19 Spec Redist Oral Argument Order.pdf107 KB
2001-10-22 Spec Redist Affidavit of Svc.pdf124 KB
2001-10-23 Spec Redist Affidavits of Svc.pdf486 KB
2001-10-23 Spec Redist Ventura Stmt Pg 4.pdf229 KB
2001-10-24 Spec Redist Letter.pdf234 KB
2001-10-25 Spec Redist Letter 1.pdf71 KB
2001-10-25 Spec Redist Letter.pdf90 KB
2001-10-26 Spec Redist Affidavits of Svc.pdf563 KB
2001-10-29 Spec Redist Letter.pdf166 KB
2001-10-29 Spec Redist Scheduling Order 2.pdf434 KB
2001-11-13 Spec Redist Panel Plaintiff Stm.pdf2016 KB
2001-11-13 Spec Redist Panel Plaintiff Stmt.pdf1986 KB
2001-11-13 Spec Redist Plaintiff's Memo.pdf1449 KB
2001-11-13 Spec Redist Proposed Principles.pdf1250 KB
2001-11-13 Spec Redist Recommendations.pdf2560 KB
2001-11-13 Spec Redist Ventura's Stmt.pdf718 KB