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Minnesota OA/MGA Login Accounts

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This resource page provides important information for government agencies to request and maintain their Minnesota Government Access (MGA) login accounts and to maintain or change their Odyssey Assistant (OA) login accounts. Read more about MGA/OA login accounts for government agencies. If you are not part of a government agency, please read about the Minnesota Trial Court Public Access (MPA) Remote View.

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MGA Login Accounts


We offer an MGA login account to government entities to view MNCIS data. MNCIS OA is no longer offered to new subscribers, but current OA subscribers have uninterrupted access. To learn the difference between MGA and OA, refer to the FAQ for OA & MGA (located in Step One, below). MNCIS is the Minnesota Court Information System for all cases in Minnesota District Courts. For more information on the MNCIS project and about access by the general public, please refer to

Follow these steps to successfully submit your request for a new MGA account or submit your request for changes to an existing MGA or OA account. For eligibility information, please refer to Section 2 in the Policies & Notices (located in Step One, below).

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Step One: Policies & Notices and Other Important Information

Carefully read the following Policies & Notices and Table of Limits. Check back periodically for new versions.These documents give you important information on the supporting statutes and rules governing your account. The login account agreement requires that you stay up to date on this information.

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Step Two: Agreement

If you are the first business unit within your agency requesting an MGA account, you must execute a new login account agreement. We recommend that you present this agreement to the head of your agency, to be signed on behalf of the entire agency, not just on behalf of your business unit (i.e., identify your agency name at its highest level, such as Hennepin County, City of Montevideo, MN Dept. of Public Safety, or other agency/entity name). This approach allows you and other business units to submit multiple requests for MGA accounts under a single agency-wide agreement, as described in Step Three, below. Alternatively, if you prefer that the agreement be signed by an authorized person within your business unit, or on behalf of your business unit only, then only your business unit may submit requests for an MGA account under that agreement.

  • Agreement (rev. 10/10/2012) Word – Read and complete this agreement and submit it with your first Request Form (located in Step Three). Keep a copy on file to attach to future Request Form submissions. See Policies & Notices for MGA Login Accounts for more information (located in Step One).

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Step Three: Request Form

If you need to request a new MGA account, use the following form. If your business unit has different levels of access needs, you must submit multiple Request Forms. Do not use this Request Form to make changes to an existing account; instead, use the Change Request Form.

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Step Four: Installation and User Instructions

MGA Login & User Instructions

If you requested MGA on your Request Form, follow these instructions. Minnesota Government Access (MGA) is a web-based tool, accessible from the internet, and does not require installation. After your agency has received your User ID and Password, access MGA (see link below). User instructions are available at that location by selecting the "Help" link at the top right of the page (in the black bar). Additional frequently asked questions for MGA are also available (see link below).

OA User Instructions

Follow the link below for user support for current OA accounts.

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Change Request Form

If you need to request changes to an existing MPA or OA account, use the following form. Do not use this Change Request Form to request a new MPA or OA account; instead, use the Request Form (located in Step Three, above).

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Support Options (read all options first)

Some of your support questions may be answered by our FAQ for OA & MGA.

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