1.                  Petition – Microsoft Word

2.                  Notice of the Rights of Victims in Juvenile Court – Microsoft Word

3.                  Notice in Lieu of Summons – Microsoft Word

4.                  Summons – Microsoft Word

5.                  Prosecutor’s Request for Disclosure – Microsoft Word

6.                  Prosecutor’s Notice of Evidence and Identification Procedures – Microsoft Word

7.                  Petition to Proceed Pro Se in Juvenile Delinquency Proceeding – Microsoft Word

8.                  Statement of Rights: Juvenile Delinquency Proceedings – Microsoft Word

9.                  Statement of Rights: Juvenile Petty Offender Proceedings – Microsoft Word

10.              Statement of Rights: Juvenile Traffic Offender Proceedings – Microsoft Word

11.              Statement of Rights: Juvenile Probation Revocation – Microsoft Word

12.              Waiver of Right to Contested Hearing in Extended Jurisdiction Juvenile Case – Microsoft Word

13.              Waiver of Right to Contested Hearing in Non-Presumptive Certification Case – Microsoft Word

14.              Waiver of Right to Contested Hearing in Presumptive Certification Case – Microsoft Word

15.              Petition to Enter Plea of Guilty in Extended Jurisdiction Juvenile Case – Microsoft Word

16.              Petition to Enter Plea of Guilty in Juvenile Delinquency Matter – Microsoft Word

17.              EJJ Adult Stayed Sentence – Microsoft Word




Introductory Statement


The following forms are provided as an aid to practitioners and the court in the juvenile justice system.  The forms are not mandatory, but shall be accepted by the court if offered by any party or counsel for their designated purpose.  The Advisory Committee on Juvenile Delinquency Rules strongly recommends that Forms 12 through 16 be used in all felony level or enhanceable cases.   Additionally, the Committee encourages use of the Petition in every case, but recognizes that the form is likely to undergo further change with the implementation of the Minnesota Case Information System (MNCIS).