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Get Criminal Case History

NOTICE: Effective January 1, 2015, the law on criminal expungement will change. (See MN Statutes § 609A.02.) The new law gives the court power to expunge more criminal records, including some convictions. The law also allows the judge to order other government agencies to expunge their records. This area of law is complicated, and court staff cannot give people legal advice, so we strongly suggest that you talk with a lawyer about how the new law could impact your case. We are in the process of updating this website, but those updates are not yet available.

To ask for expungement, you will need specific details for all court cases where you were charged with a crime, including cases where you were not convicted. This includes State and Federal criminal cases, and cases in other countries. In the Minnesota State Court system, case details are listed in the "Register of Actions," which you can get from District Court Administration. Under Minnesota state law, a crime includes a misdemeanor, gross misdemeanor, or felony. A petty misdemeanor is not a crime according to MN Statutes § 609.02 subd. 4(a).

Criminal Case History at the Courthouse

Get the detailed history of your criminal case(s) by getting the "Register of Actions" at a courthouse MNCIS terminal or from District Court Administration. Do not rely on the information listed in MPA Remote - Court Records because that data is not as detailed as what you will get at the courthouse. If you have a criminal case in more than one county, you will need the details of the cases from each county.

Criminal Records at Other Agencies

Law enforcement agencies are required to report certain details about crimes to the MN Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA). You should also get the details of your criminal record on file at the BCA. The BCA criminal record may be different from your criminal court record. Visit the BCA Criminal History Records website to find out how you can search and get copies of BCA records. You can also contact the BCA at:

MN Bureau of Criminal Apprehension
1430 Maryland Avenue
CJIS Section
St. Paul, MN 55106

If you had a criminal case in another state, contact that court directly to get your criminal record information. You may also want to contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation(FBI) if you are not sure what cases you have in other states. The FBI mailing address is:

FBI-CJIS Division - Summary Request
1000 Custer Hollow Road
Clarksburg, VA 26306


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