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How to Get Child Support

IMPORTANT!  Generally, to get a child support order in Minnesota, the custodial parent and the child must have lived in the state for at least 180 days before starting the case. See MN Statutes § 518C.201 about non-residents.

A court may issue an order for child support in different types of cases, including:

Help from County Child Support Office

A good option is to use the services of your County Child Support Office to establish and/or enforce child support. You are not required to use the county service unless the parties or child get public assistance.

MN County Child Support Offices will work with both parents to:

You simply fill out an application and pay a low, one-time fee to get services. Any parent, guardian, or third-party custodian may apply for help from the local county Child Support Office to get a child support order and collect payments.  For more information, see Child Support Services: Inexpensive, comprehensive and helpful (DHS-4116) (pdf 788kb), a booklet provided by MN Dept. of Human Services.

NOTE: Cases that involve the county child support office are called IV-D cases. Generally, IV-D cases are heard in the "Expedited Process" ("ex pro") by a child support magistrate. Sometimes, IV-D court cases are handled by a judge or referee if the case includes issues that a magistrate cannot decide (e.g., divorce).


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