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Child Support Order is from Another State

Minnesota courts may enforce or modify a child support order from another state only if the parties meet the requirements of Minnesota law listed in MN Statutes Ch. 518C. If you are not sure if you can enforce or modify your order in Minnesota, talk with a lawyer or your county child support case worker (if the county is involved).

Steps to Register an Order from Another State

To enforce or modify a support order from another state, one of the parties must first register the order with their local Minnesota District Court in the county where they live.

File the following documents with your court (in person or by mail):

  1. a letter to Court Administration asking them to register the support order based on MN Stat. § 518C.602;
  2. 2 copies of the foreign support order (1 certified copy and 1 plain copy);
  3. a list of the names and addresses of all parties/attorneys involved;
  4. a notarized statement that to the best of your knowledge and belief that the foreign order has NOT been modified; AND
  5. the current filing fee or an IFP (fee waiver).

IMPORTANT!: There are many details in the law that control which court has the power (jurisdiction) to make decisions about a support case. Unless both parents and the child(ren) live in Minnesota, the court may not be able to hear your case. Talk with a lawyer for advice on your situation.


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