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Laws, Rules & Resources on Child Support

If you are representing yourself in a child support case in Minnesota, you are responsible for following the same laws and rules as an attorney. Read Rights and Duties of Self-Represented Parties.

Laws & Rules on Child Support

The following is a list of some of the laws and rules that pertain to child support in Minnesota. See also Laws, Rules & Legal Research.

  MN Statutes Ch. 518A Maintenance and support payments.
  MN Statutes § 518A.75 Cost-of-living adjustments in maintenance or child support order.
  MN Statutes § 256.87 Contribution by parents.
  MN Statutes, Ch. 518 Marriage Dissolution.
  MN Rules of Civil Procedure
  MN General Rules of Practice in the District Courts
Title I:  Rules Applicable to all Court Proceedings
Title II:  Rules Governing Civil Actions
Title IV:  Rules of Family Court Procedure

You can get more help with legal research at law libraries in Minnesota. Talk to a lawyer to learn how the law and rulles may affect your case.

Legal Resources on Child Support 


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